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Emelie Törling

How to make a dream becoming reality

2 weeks ago

I have taken the first step towards a dream I´ve had in MANY years. Many things has come in my way and the timing has not been right.

For many of you reading this, it might sound so simple, but for me it´s something so big and I´m so happy and excited and nervous. But I´ve finally taken the first step towards fulfilling a dream.


I´ve enrolled to become a yoga teacher. Starting in January I will finally learn to teach others something that helped me go through my worst times. I will hopefully be able to inspire, help and give away something that can make people mentally stronger, happier and calmer in their daily lives. Yoga has not of course been an escape route when I´ve been feeling bad, it´s something my mind and body obsess of doing because of the energy and feeling of satisfaction it gives me.

So. How to fulfill a dream?

1. Take the first step towards it. If it´s a small one it doesnt matter. I haven´t even started but I have enrolled and that´s a step.

2. Know that amazing beenfits come from putting yourself in incredibly uncomfortable sitiuations. I have NO idea how I will be as a teacher but I know that growth comes if you do the above so I´m up for that. I always have had crazy stage freight, but with my love for the music I had to put myself up there on the stage even if if it meant throwing up and being almost paralyzed sometimes before. No matter how I felt the day before and the seconds before I entered the stage, It was always always always rewarding.

I´m so happy about my decicion and I hope you will join my classes later on.

Love to you



Emelie Törling

Mother to daughters Nico Anaïs 4 & Gia Aymeline 1. Married to G. Spiritual / physical health junkie and lover of many things. Singer, artist and the owner and designer behind the boots brand Leontine.