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WELCOME TO THE WAY WE PLAY – a lifestyle magazine and creative production studio.

Executive editor: Karolina Borg karolina@thewayweplay.se

Creative director: Bea Hellman bea@thewayweplay.se

Fashion director: Louise Rizell louise@thewayweplay.se

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About us


Once upon a time, there was this distant land. It was called Childhood. Wether we remember it or not, we all lived there. On top of a mountain, in the ray of light, alongside a shady valley, in the forests of uncertainty, safe or not, together or alone. It was as most worlds are. But weren´t we all looking for small signs of magic of life? In the games, they were unveiled.

A time came when a relocation were needed. Wether we wanted it or not, we were forced to go. This new place was called adultness. And we all live there now. On top of a roof, in the ray of light, alongside a shady existence, in the anxiety of uncertainty, safe or not, together or alone. It is as most worlds are. But shouldn´t we all be searching for small signs of magic in life? Are they still hidden in the games? Maybe we can find them in the way we play.