Taco tour in la condesa, mexico city

1 year ago

I will share more about this crazy journey I have been on for the last month but for now to make a long story short- travelling with a dog to Guatemala was a huge challenge and many rough lessons later I ended up in Mexico City for a few days of transfer before jumping on a plane to Guatemala, where I will be spending the winter working on a dream come true project.

I love this city and the food. OMG! Even better was that my beloved Mario from my Punta Mona farm days was back in his hometown and what better guide to take you to all the magical Taco spots than a superchef who also hosts his own gastronomic tours around town..Blessed am I.

We sticked around the Condesa area which is a chill, safe and lush neighbourhood- and some of my favorite spots were:

El Tizconcito- oh my goodness their Taco Pastor- I could have had a 100 but we had already ate tacos all day so could only squeeze down 4 of them. They also serve this amazing beandip with nachos that I could have had a gallon of. They claim to be the spot where tacos Al Pastor were first invented.

El Auténtico Pato Manila- We had the duck tacos and Wontons with duck- both amazingly delicious. Elda approves.

El Pescadito- Simple but great fish and shrimp tacos

Moloch-This is a small restaurant located inside the Medellín Market that had some great tacos in a super casual setting.

Well that was not all of them, I didn’t stop eating in 48 hours but these were my absolute favorite ones.

Will stick to a vegetarian diet for the rest of the month but wow this made the chaos of this past month all worthwhile! Got to love them Tacos..

Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City

Even though Elda is from DTLA she’s not that into the buzzing city energies but she did good hanging around the streets despite almost being eaten by a very big and aggressive dog.

Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City
Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City
Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City
Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City


Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City

I love strolling markets wherever I go and this Medellin market was amazing for fruits, veggies, tacos and to just soak up the colors and vibrant energies of this town.

Taco Tour in La Condesa, Mexico City

It was missing some Guacamole but otherwise a really delicious fish taco!!

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