Wild cacao collective

2 years ago

Wild Cacao Collective

My spiritual baby Wild Cacao Collective is now born and WOW what a wild journey this has been.

I went to my first cacao ceremony 6 years ago and fell in love with the heart opening effects of the cacao. Sitting in front of the fire singing and meditating together with 100 other magical souls was just mind-blowing to me at the time and I felt like I finally found my soul family.

I started drinking cacao on a daily basis after that ceremony as this woman I met there said it was great for hormonal health which was my main struggle at the time, I bought 2 big blocks and was quite overwhelmed in how I would incorporate it into my everyday life but once I got into it I was hooked and I have been drinking cacao everyday since.

I was already very much into adaptogens and superfoods at the time and I started to mix them into my Cacao- Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Ashwaganda, Shatavari, Lions Mane, Maca and so on and I felt SO amazing and of course started to share how I felt at my then corporate fashion office where most people including myself was hooked on coffee to get through the day.

A colleague asked me, maybe as a joke if I could make a blend to spice up her sexlife and I went home, did a bunch of research and came back with a blend I called Passion and she said it saved her relationship. Somewhere around that time my first cacao business was born. I called her MoonSparrow and it was these small, exclusive glass jars with different cacao blends for sexual and creative energy, instead of coffee, to relax and unwind, to boost your immunity and so on. As I normally do, I got super excited and had like 10 ingredients in each blend and it was cacao allover my kitchen, working day and night like a crazy alchemist.

The glass jars broke in shipping, were way too heavy, expensive and unpractical so I changed into brown paper bags, reduced some of the ingredients as less is sometimes a bit better and its been a journey to make our magical producers in Guatemala to find the ingredients there so the recipes has been tweaked and reworked to taste better and to find plant spirits that wants to work together and to also make production in Guatemala possible instead of in my own kitchen.

My best friend Erika teamed up with me and she didn’t think MoonSparrow was a good name for the Scandinavian market haha so we renamed it Wild Cacao Collective. We have been working behind the scenes for 2 years and NOW our website is up, our blends is sooooon in stock, you will find recipes, our story, the story of our producers and so much more on there and we are so excited to have our first retailer in Stockholm at Altromondo. This is just the beginning and I just want to share that starting a business is so much fun, so hard work and it’s great to be naive about how much work it actually takes. I don’t regret a second in this 5 year pregnancy and I’m so happy to be postpartum, still humble to the fact of all the work that is in front of us to reach out to more people about all the amazing benefits of ceremonial cacao.

If you have started to drink our cacao I would love to hear from you and what impact it has done on your life.

If you haven’t tried it yet- go to our website, visit Altromondo or come to any of my retreats or cacao ceremonies and I promise your life will get a total upgrade.

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Wild Cacao Collective

This is what our blends looks like, sooo beautiful right!

Except for the 100% ceremonial cacao we will soon offer 3 blends. Passion, Unwind and Awaken. All customised with amazing herbs and adaptogens to help you with just that- to awaken your passion, to uplift you and to help you unwind.

Wild Cacao Collective

I love to mix my cacao with a rose tea for an extra heart warming effect

Wild Cacao Collective
Wild Cacao Collective

This is a cup of cacao that our dear friend Tove shared with us- isn’t this just the perfect way to start your morning. Set your intention for the day and sip in bliss.

Nina Medicina

Nina Medicina

I am a Modern medicine woman and spiritual guide working mainly with Ceremonial Cacao, plants, breathwork and sound.

Here I am writing about my life that is divided between Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and the forest in Skåne. Topics I am passionate about are Cacao, holistic health, healing, spirituality, ceremonies, rituals and my dog Elda of course❣︎

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