Ceremonial chakra awakening retreat

10 months ago

Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat

Hi magical ones,

I am so excited for this retreat at Shambala Gatherings which is this beautiful place not too far from Stockholm and it’s a pretty cool story about how it happened that I am now hosting my dream retreat there with EVERYTHING I am passionate about in life.

I met Johan who is one of the founders of Shambala at a Kirtan and we later also hosted a cacao and Kirtan evening together which was sooo beautiful and I cant wait to share that offering again with you this autumn.

Anyway I just said briefly that it would be such a dream to host a retreat at Shambala and he said its fully booked for a long time and then boom, a week later this weekend opened up and now this is all coming to life. YAY instant manifestation.

So you may wonder if this is for you..

Well it is for:

  • YOU who are ready to let go of your past and start manifesting your dreams and fully becoming the radiant, powerful and beautiful being that you truly are.
  • YOU who are tired of the pressure and speed of modern life and the stress, anxiety, and lack of energy it causes you.
  • YOU who are curious and want to learn more about Ceremonies, Rituals and Earth Magic.
  • YOU who want to learn more about Healing Plants and Natural Remedies.
  • YOU who want to learn how you can Heal and Transform your Life using your own Breath.
  • YOU who wants to learn more about the Chakra/Energy Centers in your body and how to balance and heal them.
  • YOUwho are seeking greater Joy, Meaning and Connection to your Soul’s Purpose.
  • YOU who are longing for a Transformational Weekend in Nature surrounded by luscious nature and a beautiful community.
  • YOU who want to learn more about how to live more in tune with your Own Cycle as well as Natures Cycles.
  • YOU who want to Gift Yourself a full Body-Mind-Spirit- Reset
  • YOU who want to learn how to Trust Yourself, Your Body and Your Intuition and Decisions, instead of always needing advice or help or approval outside yourself.
  • YOU who need a Boost of Life Force and Inspiration in your life to motivate you step up to the next level of your life.
  • YOU who want to have a Magical Weekend with loads of practices that will help you release old junk and stories that is holding you back from radiating and shining your light into this world.
  • YOU who want to become a Master Manifestor and create your own dream life.

If this ticks any of your boxes let me know and I would love to spend this weekend together.

  • CEREMONIES every evening. Cacao Ceremony, Fire Releasing Ceremony and Blue Lotus Ceremony
  • TRAINING in which Herbs and Practices will help to balance and activate each of your seven Chakras
  • NATURE IMMERSIONS like Forest Bathing, Earthing Practices, Lake Plunges, Walking Meditations etc.
  • DAILY MOVEMENT – Dance, Shaking, Breath Work, Sound Healing and Meditation
  • SPIRITIUAL PRACTICE in Self Love and Self Care
  • SHAMANIC SPA with Herbal Bath and Natural Body Scrub
  • HEALTHY FOOD Vibrant and Nourishing
  • JOURNALING PRACTICES with guidance
  • LIVING IN A LOVING COMMUNITY with likeminded Spirit Souls and maybe get Friends for Life

Send me an email at info@ninamedicina.com if you have any questions.

Bookings and prices etc you’ll find at Shambalas website

Have a beautiful weekend,

With love


Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat
Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat
Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat
Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat
Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat