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KakaoCeremoni- Full day workshop in Stockholm | March 9, 2022 | The Way We Play

Kakaoceremoni- full day workshop in stockholm

5 months ago

KakaoCeremoni- Full day workshop in Stockholm

I am SO excited to finally give birth to this course that has been brewing inside of me for a long time. My first Swedish winter in many years really took me on a inward journey and I have been trying hard to honor my inner winter and rest and cocoon a lot but now together with the sun and the first spring flowers it is ready to be experienced and this whole day is for you if you want to:

-Learn more about how to incorporate ceremonial cacao into your everyday life

-Learn how to make your own cup of cacao for yourself or to share in a larger group

-Explore your own unique way to work and connect with cacao

-Get inspired on how to create your own rituals and ceremonies and create a safe and sacred space

-Learn more about what ingredients/ herbs/ adaptogens work best with cacao

-Tune into your hearts desires so you can follow its direction and learn not to listen to your overthinking monkey mind

We will also do a lot of practices that I find goes very well together with cacao- like breathwork, dancing, journaling, chanting, soundhealing, oracle cards and so much more.

You can find more info on my website if you are interested and all The Way We Play readers gets 25% off- you are welcome:)

KakaoCeremoni- Full day workshop in Stockholm

If you rather do the online version that is available too and we start next Saturday.

KakaoCeremoni- Full day workshop in Stockholm

And the last thing I want to mention is that there is also an option to only come to the cacao ceremony on Saturday night, you dont have to join the entire day if that is not for you.

I am also brewing up some new offerings for this spring so stay tuned for events like my sacral chakra activation where we will talk about which herbs and practices that can be used to remove blockages and balance your sacral chakra, so your sexual and creative energy can flow more freely in the body.

Some of my favorite herbs to activate this chakra is Hibiscus and Schisandra berry that both works as  herbal aphrodisiacs. Amazing combo to drink to bring passion, fire, bliss and overall juiciness to your (love) life! 

Hibiscus can help to regulate menstruation, and treat excessive bleeding and both Schisandra and Hibiscus are amazing healers if you suffer from UTIs (urinvägsinfektion)

Schisandra is not only amazing for sexual and creative energy but she is also perfect to snap out of winter depression and this unmotivated feeling one might have after a long, cold winter

KakaoCeremoni- Full day workshop in Stockholm

My morning elixir, before my cacao but after my apple cider vinegar with lemon water…Me and my beverages