Into the Knit


Into the Knit

VIKTORIA MÖLLER is an artist, who also works with the social development of children and young people at school. She sees the way we dress ourselves as a form of communication or a way to reinforce something we want to express.

In collaboration with UNIQLO, Viktoria has picked out her brand favourites, to make everyday life more comfortable, convenient, more beautiful and positive.

Into the Knit
Into the Knit
Into the Knit
Into the Knit

Hi Viktoria, You are a multi-cycle multiartist. Tell us!

– My artistry goes through different cycles when it comes to the choice of medium, materials, and expression. I’m an exploratory creator, who likes trying new mediums, and my artistic expression takes shape based on where I am in life. During my pregnancy, I drew a lot of pregnant women. And I’ve been studying situations, reactions, and body language that I’ve been trying to portray for a long time. My interest in painting and graffiti started early on at a skate ramp in my hometown of Sundsvall. This is something I feel comes out in my nature – choosing to bring spatiality into my creative process.

What inspires you and what are you passionate about?

– That varies totally, depending on the cycle I’m in. But since my artistry largely stems from a purpose of understanding my and others’ ways of relating to communication, right now my day-to-day interaction with people in general is my greatest source of inspiration. When it comes to passion – if I may say so – that’s entirely egotistical right now. I have a major need to understand myself and my surroundings.


Into the Knit

‘I see the way we dress ourselves as a way of communicating or emphasizing something we want to express.’

Into the Knit
Into the Knit
Into the Knit

So, who is Viktoria Möller?

– An artistic soul longing for tranquil, close-to-nature environments. Almost two years ago, I became a mother to Lou, which I love. And it feels like this is where I’m supposed to be somehow.

Since Lou, arrived, I’ve been asking myself who I am, apart from being her mom. During my parental leave, I often wondered if artistic inspiration would return or if my life would take another path. But I was relieved to find out that what I’ve gone through is part of a natural process, something that has strengthened my artistry.

Seeing you today, we can’t help but wonder. How does Uniqlo make you feel?

– Uniqlo brings me closer to myself and my every day, with quality, timeless garments that are stylish in their simplicity. Adding Uniqlo pieces to my wardrobe is a sustainable investment in must-have basics.

What does LifeWear mean to you?

– For me, LifeWear is about clothing that is suitable for any occasion and that can accompany me through all stages of life.
We’re living in a time of constant development, which makes good quality, comfortable clothing a security blanket. Like a cinnamon bun and a soft hug.

And what do clothes in general mean to you?

– I see the way we dress ourselves as a way of communicating or emphasizing something we want to express. When we don’t use our voices – language, we have other tools that underpin what we want to say, such as body language, sound, painting, clothes and music.”

Your five favourite things to do?

– Being in my studio and working undisturbed.
– Reading a book for Lou.
– Sitting outside on late-summer nights and chitchatting about everything and nothing.
– Cooking dinner with friends.
– Listening to an audiobook and drinking freshly brewed coffee.

Into the Knit
Into the Knit

‘When we don’t use our voices – language, we have other tools that underpin what we want to say, such as body language, sound, painting, clothes and music.’

Into the Knit

You just got getting married in Italy – please tell!

– Yes!  We got married on an estate in northern Italy, where the focus is on quality food and wine. We wanted our wedding to feel like a big 70s party on the Riviera, while at the same time being intimate and welcoming. For one thing, I wore my dream dress.

Sounds like a true dream. Speaking of dreams, What are yours at the moment?

– We’re dreaming of a farmhouse in Skåne. One with a large barn for my studio, and one for Felix’s too. A place with large, open lawns where Lou can run around, some pets and farm animals, and maybe we’ll grow some vegetables. Another must is tons of bedrooms, so our friends can come and stay for extended periods of time. The vision is a place with lots of space to hang out and give us more quality time not only with the family but also with our friends.

When do you feel whole?

– I’ve been thinking a lot about that and think that I’m in a good place in my life right now where I feel whole. Much of it is to do with my family. I’ve also been working on myself quite a bit. Painting gives me the space to take in and process a lot of the stuff going on around me, which means that I can address my issues on a regular basis.

Your fave places?

– I love churches. They are places where I can gather my thoughts when I’m feeling scattered.

Can you  tell us about your work with the Red Cross.

– I started working for the Red Cross as a volunteer when I was 15 years old. Back then, second hand wasn’t a thing yet. I came up with a way to style and sell clothes and stuff, and as a result the Red Cross decided that they wanted to open a second-hand store at Mariatorget in Stockholm with the same concept. The store became my little baby, which I nurtured for six years. There, I learned everything about clothes, about finding a good range, about meeting people with diverse needs, and how to handle crisis situations.


Into the Knit

By team Studio The Way We Play:

Art director: Bea Hellman, Stylist: Louise Rizell, Photographer: Mira Wickman, Words: Karolina Borg, Hair & Makeup: Petra Stenhammar/Agent Bauer, Video editing: Hannes Falk.

Translator: Niki Woods.

Published September 23, 2022