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Trine Kjaer

Style blogger and influencer Trine Kjaers home in Copenhagen has a stunning, vivid colour palette. We met for a chat about motherhood, style and why we live in a democratic fashion industry. Thanks for the lovely visit <3!  

“I live in Copenhagen. I love art, fashion, food and everything vintage. My little family consists of my husband Nicholas and our daughter Roberta who’s 20 months. I started Trine’s Wardrobe ten years ago. It just started off as a fashion blog but within a short time it became very popular. After doing a lot of collaborations with different brands, I decided that I beside the blog, I wanted to create my own company to be totally in charge. One of the many things my readers always asked about, was my haircare routine, and I never knew which brands to recommend since most of them were too expensive. That was the main reason why I created Trine’s Wardrobe Care. Today I’ve split the things up so online I’m @trinekjaer_ and Trine’s Wardrobe is my beauty line which I’m actually relaunching this August – everything is going to be vegan and I’m so excited about it.

Is there any challenges by representing yourself workwise?

“Everything depends on me having a great day. Everyday I have to take pictures of myself – representing myself at meetings and be nice to all my lovely followers (not that I don’t want to be that) – but I have to be on top everyday because nobody else than me can do my work.”

How is the fashion industry today in 2019, in your opinion?

“That’s a big questions but some of the first things that comes to my mind are democratic and fast. Democratic in the way that trends aren’t only defined by designers and editors anymore, but by everyone because of social media. Social media is also the reason why everything is moving so fast. A trend today is boring tomorrow and everyone from designers to high street shops are struggling to make fashion faster and faster.”

What is motherhood to you?

“Being a mother is the most important ‘job’ in the world and it changes everything. There were some things that bothered me before becoming a mother – like work stuff such as loosing a campaign. That doesn’t really mean that much to me anymore because the most important thing is being with Roberta. In general I’m prioritizing my job less now than I did before. I’m still working a lot, but more efficient. I make sure not to be on the phone or the computer when Roberta gets home from daycare and until she sleeps, unless I got a deadline. I feel like becoming a mum has made me live more in the now. Everyday I do simple stuff with Roberta that makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt. Like walking bare feet in the grass, playing with water in the bathtub, building towers with Duplo. I really appreciate it and it’s actually kind of meditative to me.”

Do you feel that there is a general requirement for a certain type of maternity role in society?

“I don’t believe in stereotypes. I believe in different family constellations, and different ways of raising a child. I didn’t have the possibility to take one year off after giving birth because I’m self employeed. It sure was tough and some days I definitely envied my friends on maternity leave. I’ve never felt like I was being looked down on because I had to bring Roberta with me on jobs – because that was just reality for us and most people understand that.” 

How do you balance family time and at the same time running your own company?

“I feel pretty lucky now because even though I’m working and travel a lot I still feel like I spent more time with Roberta and my husband than most people do by working 8-17. Most days my husband – who’s also self employed – or me have the possibility to pick her up quite early and do something nice like going to a playground.”

Do you have a mission in your work life?

“Monday morning should be just as good as Thursday afternoon. I know that’s not the case for most of us, but we spent so much time at work that its a shame to waste it on something that isn’t making you happy.”


Trine Kjaer
Trine Kjaer

The painting is a heirloom from Trines grandmother. Pink picture is a gift from her husband. Shelf, Panton Wire by Monatana. Camel, vintage from a flea market.

Trine Kjaer

Tureen, Arje Griegst for Royal Copenhagen. Lamp, vintage. Cupboard, Ikea. Checked dress, Ganni.

Trine Kjaer

Favorite things to do with Roberta?

“Dance and sing. She has loved music since she was born and she already know a lot of songs. The first song she knew was labambam.”

What has surprised you most by becoming a parent?

“You had no idea that you could love a person that much.”

What do you fear?

“I’m trying not to think too much about fear. Especially when it comes to things that could happen to Roberta.”

When are you truly happy?

“I feel pretty happy most of the time, but my favorite moment must be Saturday morning with Roberta and Nicholas and no plans other than having a nice breakfast and just be together all day.”

How is Copenhagen to live and work in?

“I couldn’t imagine living in a better place than Copenhagen. It’s such a creative city with amazing design, architecture and food.”

What makes you feel balanced and in peace?

“I love walking. I walk a lot and it clears my mind.”

As a creative person, where does your inspiration comes from?

“I love visiting different countries and cultures and I always come home with loads of new energy and inspiration.”


Trine Kjaer

Roberta and Trine.

Trine Kjaer
Trine Kjaer

Vintage Purple suit from Collect 23. Diamond table from FOS. The tree in mirror glass was bought in a store where they were used as decoration.

Tell us about home and your interior style.

“I think my interior philosophy is quite the same as the way I dress. I love to be surrounded by colours – it makes me feel happy and I love the way it affects people who are visiting our place. Luckily my husband feels the same about colours and we share the same passion for finding the right art, furniture and decorations.”

What object mean the most to you?

“I love our diamond table from FOS and all the amazing glass and ceramics that I’ve inherited from my grandmother and grandfather.”

Where is your happy place?

“Definitely our home. Furthermore I love Italy. We have spent every summer there and I instantly feel relaxed and at home when we’re there.”

Do you have a favourite spot in your home?

“It changes, but right now probably our dining room since it just got painted an redecorated. Our next project is a new kitchen and I can’t wait!”

A favourite place in the world?

“Everywhere in Italy. Last summer we went to Puglia and I need to go back there soon.☮

Trine Kjaer
Trine Kjaer

Vase from Shop Dora.

Published December 2, 2019