Helena Vestergaard

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Helena Vestergaard

Helena Vestergaard lives in Northern Beaches of Sydney with her family Nathan and River. She has a small business and work as a model. This is a glimpse of her world. Photo by: Daniella Rech

Helena Vestergaard

A typical day in Sydney?

I wake up, play with River while I brew a pot of coffee. Go for a beach walk with the whole family (including the dogs) do some work at home while River has her midday nap… go to a yoga class in the evening then the day is ended with a glass of red wine and a home cooked meal.

As a new mother, how have you changed as a person?

I have changed in so many ways. I have learnt so much about patience, strength and true love. I feel like it has shaped me into my true self and I absolutely love it.

Describe a perfect Saturday with your family.

Beach and surf all day.

Best advice you´ve been given as a mother?

Enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast, and its so true!

What inspires you?

My daughter, everyday.

Helena Vestergaard
Helena Vestergaard

The hardest part of being a mother?

The lack of sleep in the beginning.

What do you fear?

How much I love her. Its scary loving someone so much it hurts.

When are you truly happy?

When im giggling in bed with my little family

How do you turn a tough day around?

I put all my focus into playing with and nurturing River and it always makes me feel good when i can make her feel good.

How did you and Nathan meet?

We met on a photoshoot in Hawaii, he was a surfer and I was the model. 🙂

In five years time from now, what do you wish for in life?

Two little children calling out “muuumm come and play with us!”

Helena Vestergaard
Helena Vestergaard
Helena Vestergaard
Published June 27, 2018

Krasi · 6 years ago
Love this story. Beautiful love.

Lavern · 6 years ago
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