Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli

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Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli

To read author Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Nolis texts is to find your heartstrings dressed in the most definitive words. It’s simply a journey to your inner being.

Photography: Linda Alfvegren

“I’m basically a writer but I am working with television too. I am educated at Stockholm university of the Dramatic arts. I live with my family in a small apartment in the city of Stockholm. Right now I am writing a dramaseries about post partum depression. It is supposed to be funny too.”

What is your tv-series Mommy Makeover about?

“Four semi-young/old women trying to adjust but they really can’t.”

Do you have a mission with your writing?

“I don’t know? No? I actually don’t think so. I want to explore things. Tell things that needs to told. I mean I think I need to tell them for me, to understand… life it self?”

Where is your happy place?

“Yes… Where is it? It seems I keep to forget and always hitting the bar? No, but I do like good foods and wines, being in contact with other people, my children, my man, my friends, random people. But happy place. I don’t know. I find raw nature healing. To be surrounded by unbroken beauty. Participating in all of those things. Moving my body. I recently took up dance lessons again. There is a joy!”

Do you have a life philosophy?

“No. Or maybe a lot. But telling them will sound like clichés? I’m passionate about equality when it comes to money, gender, class and ethnitcity.

I like honesty.

I like humbleness.

I like fun.”

Who is your rolemodel?

“Hmm. In writing a bunch of guys who have impressed me with their work, with beuaty, insight. Inger Christensen, Tove Ditlevsen, James Baldwin, Lars Norén, Dorothy Parker, Nancy Meyers, Derek Walcott, Cora Sandel, Strindberg, Hemingway, Knausgård, Selma Lagerlöf haha. Toni Morrison. I could go on. But thats just boring name dropping. In life… I think my children. It is very inspiring how they take on the world, judging no one and nothing and say yes to everything that feels good, and also have a natural kindness. 

What makes you happy?

“Million dollar question. Hard to answer actually. I guess. Love and a sense of holistic feeling? Like being present with the world, taking part of it. ”

What do you fear?

“Like everyone… death I guess. Losing what I love.”

 Where are you in 5 years?

“Beats me. Can I choose? I’d love to be in New York city.”

 Who were you growing up?

“Happy, dancing, laughing til I encountered my first trauma.”

Do you want to tell us about that?

“I do it over and over in my books, haha…“

One thing you would like to recommend?

“My latest  book – Rich boy. It is a novel about three generation women in Stockholm. Inherating trauma and surpression. The paperback will be released in may 2019. And my tv-series Mommy Makeover of course. We are still open for co-producers, so if you read this and want to be a part of it email [email protected]. It is greenlighted and will be broadcasted sometime early summer 2020 in swedish national televison!” ☮



Exclusively for you! Be the first to read an episode of the screenplay for Carolines new tv-series Mommy Makeover.



Screenplay by Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli. Premieres 2020 on SVT.

EPISODE 1. Scene 10. Characters: Amanda and Simon (and sleeping kids). Location: At home in their apartment. 

Past dusk. It’s December. Amanda enters the imposing building on posh
Östermalm where she lives. The stairwell floor is covered in a thick carpet, dark nuances of red, green and gold. Brass lamps. Amanda pushes her stroller into the old elevator. 

Next frame we’re in the dining room. The table is set. Lit candles, white linen. A bottle of red wine. Simon has put in an effort. 

He wants to make things right. He knows Amanda has been to see the therapist and heknows she didn’t want to.

He’s finishing up, getting homemade snacks from the kitchen. Amanda is standing in the doorway looking at the dining room. Hedvig is asleep in the stroller behind her and Fredrika in her bed. Amanda wrinkles her nose. Simon is surprised when he sees her. He hasn’t heard her coming home. He’s carrying a bowl of homemade crisps. 

Amanda: What the FUCK is that smell?

Simon: I don’t smell anything.

Amanda (suffering): It smells like … sewage. Simon: What? 

Amanda: What the fuck is that?

Simon: Curly kale crips. I made them.

Amanda: Oh my god, I’m gonna throw up.

Simon: You said you wanted to eat healthier.

Amanda: But do you smell that smell?

Simon: It’s just kale, garlic, olive oil. Some sambal oelek.

Amanda: Faeces. Farm. Or like that food that disgusting cult makes …

Simon: I’ll throw it away. 

Simon goes back to the kitchen to throw it in the bin. Comes back. 

Amanda: What the fuck have you done?

Simon: I threw it in the bin?

Amanda: In the bin? Are you out of your mind? It needs to leave the house! You’re so fucking stupid. You don’t think about anyone but yourself. No empathy.

Simon: Honey …

Amanda: No, no, don’t interrupt me. You need to listen to this.

Simon: Sorry, I just ..

Amanda: Is there something wrong with your nose?

Simon: Don’t wake our daugther.

Amanda: What, you’re gonna say I’m a bad mother now?

Simon: I’m not saying that.

Amanda: Get out! You smell. I can’t stand it.

Simon: But I cooked … bouillabaisse … and wine and …

Amanda: Out, out!! I can’t stand it. Take the trash out. I can’t live like this.
I hate you. You disgust me. Out. Out. I can’t stand looking at you. 

Simon leaves. Bangs the door. The baby wakes up, but Amanda gets her
to go back to sleep in her arms. Amanda sits down by the table. Pours herself a glass of wine. Starts eating the food. And bread, and butter. Some more bouillabaisse. Looks as if she’s enjoying herself. Simon comes back. 

Simon: You can’t throw me out like that. It’s freezing outside.

Amanda: Well take the duvet.

Simon: Honey.

Amanda: Don’t tell me I’m a bad mother. I know that already.
I’m just like my mom. I might as well die. 

Amanda starts crying. 

Simon: You’re a great mom.

Amanda: No, no, don’t say that, you’re lying.

Simon: You are the best mother in the world.

Amanda (screams): Do you know what? Do you know what she said? The shrink. She said I wanted to hit my baby. She asked me…

Simon walks over to Vera. Hugs her. 

Simon: Fucking idiot. What a fucking idiot. 

Amanda cries in his arms. 

Published October 18, 2019