Hand painted rice lamp collection

2 years ago

hand painted rice lamp collection

I have been gone for the last nine days in flu. It happened the week of vacation, we were in the Andermatt alps and left for Lake Como after over the weekend because my 35th birthday happened on Friday and I was so excited to celebrate. I celebrated with fever and a comfortable air bnb bed. However, on the flip side, whenever I’m in bed for a long time, if I have naps with the babies or if I am sick and is sleeping during the day, I come up with ideas. They can be weird, or actually magic. So, when I feel like I’m stuck somehow, I need to take a nap. Weird huh? But so in Como, I planned to paint and make a limited collection of hand painted rice lamps.

hand painted rice lamp collection

These are the first two..

hand painted rice lamp collection

Tomorrow I have my third weekend of yoga and I haven’t even thought about yoga for the last two weeks and that makes me feel not in the mood. Isn’t it always like this? When you’re away from something too long you distance your whole physical being from it.. If I don’t paint for weeks, if I don’t do yoga, I quickly lose my interest… But at least I’ve opened this door and know what I need to do to reverse the feeling. I just need to do it. When I do it will all come back to me. Hows these things for you? Do you always have inspiration for doing the things you love or can you sometimes ctyally dread them?

Love xx

Victoria · 2 years ago
Hoppas inte det var Corona du hade! Tänker på att du fick det i områdena i Italien. Fina lampor:)

Emelie · 2 years ago
Vi testade för det, eftersom lilla minsta hade det också så var vi på sjukhuset fyra gånger.. Men galet.. man undrar hur allt kommer gå med corona...! Kramar!

Sophia Julander · 2 years ago
For sure dread them sometimes! But that's just part of life's struggle :). Good luck!

Emelie · 2 years ago
I guess thats just so true!! <3 love xx

Caroline Borg · 2 years ago
Men så fina, vill ha en bums!

Emelie Torling · 2 years ago
Om du vill köpa en så är det bara att säga till! <3 massa kramar!

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