Colour Made Easy


Colour Made Easy

Artist EVELINA KROON is deeply in love with colour, patterns and scale. Her artistry revolves around themes like spatiality, accessibility, frequency, friction, composition and finish.

In collaboration with UNIQLO, Evelina picks her favorite LifeWear in colour. Garments for a lifestyle that’s always evolving and changing. 

Colour Made Easy
Colour Made Easy

‘I dress to feel comfortable and put a lot of my identity into it. Aesthetically, it’s not far from what I do as an artist.’

Colour Made Easy

Hi Evelina! What does colour mean to you?

– Hi! Colour is everything we see! Colour is mood, politics, intuition, memories, symbolism, approach and more. Colour is space, for me it’s something pleasurable and often accessible.

Tell us about your artistry.

– My artistry revolves around themes such as spatiality, accessibility, frequency, friction, composition and finish. My starting point often involves building up pattern compositions with tape, paint, scale. Forever.

Would you say there are common denominators between your artistic style and your wardrobe?

– Absolutely. I dress to feel comfortable and put a lot of my identity into it. Aesthetically, it’s not far from what I do. I try not to care too much about appearance, but I’m not going to lie, clothes are important to me. What has become my so-called style is probably an extension of that.

Maybe an unanalyzed question, but what garments make you work at your best?

– They should be comfortable. When I work from home, I rarely get out of my pajamas. I get up, have a coffee + snus, and get started. But my work clothes are my normal clothes. Don’t get changed for an AW if you know what I mean. Alas, countless favorite items have been stained.

Oh, we almost forgot, who is Evelina Kroon?

– I’m an artist, Low Sensitive Person, mother, big sister and more. Good in a crisis, bad at everyday feedback.

Well … We also happen to know that you’re a Fruit Ninja pro. Too interesting not to mention! Please tell us more.

– No comment. Haha. Sure, I’ll tell you all. I think it was back in 2012. I had a lousy experience at Peace & Love. Nothing to do with the festival per se, but the circumstances around it. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and needed to distract myself. I’d played a little Fruit Ninja before. But at that time – to distract myself – I ramped my playing up to unhealthy levels. I often played my way through days that turned into nights. And I was so into it that I was checking tutorials and scores and hacks on YouTube. I soon realized that I was scoring higher than them! And week after week, I ended up on the top list – top three, No. 1. Yes, I was best in Sweden. No source checking.

Colour Made Easy
Colour Made Easy

Haha, amazing story! How would you describe your style?

– Consistent, unadorned, dressed up. I think material is important. So the, quality!

So, what does LifeWear mean to you?

– Something you can wear to a party, as you go about your everyday life, at work.
A warm, all-embracing hug for someone to curl up into. For me, LifeWear breathes comfort and quality.

What are your struggles in life?

– Well. My bad posture. Or I don’t struggle with it anymore, it is what it is. But it’s connected to the fact that I don’t move much, or exercise for that matter. So, I struggle with finding the motivation to go for a walk, for example. I should be able to fix that.

And how do you continue to evolve?

– I need to stop and think about that soon. But that happens when I can take a break and I’m generally good at recovery. Just give me the means, and I’ll make sure to evaluate, take in and move on.


Colour Made Easy

‘Colour is space, for me it’s something pleasurable and often accessible.’

Take us through a perfect day according to Evelina?

– Ok! Day of the week: Friday (important). As the saying goes, a good day comes with a good night. So, I pretend that my children slept through the night, and that I had enough character not to stay up until 2am. Then a coffee and snus, and a good family vibe. An hour of silence on the bus on my way to the studio. Then getting to work undisturbed for a few hours. A glass of wine with lunch that might turn into a (moderate) after work. Then dinner with friends at our place, which can turn into a late affair. Ending the day watching a TV series and some midnight snacking in bed. Repeat.

If you think about the future for a second, what does it hold?

– I am worried about the future. Every sane person should be. But I’m hoping to get to continue working on, and maybe finally finish our renovation that’s been going on for three years (not a priority), get time to nurture my relationships, and take a break. I’ve got an upcoming exhibition in Gothenburg soon, which I’m looking forward to a lot. Most of all, I want my children to become grounded people with strong characters.

What are your five best places to visit in Stockholm?

Bamboo Garden on Åsögatan –  for the first page on the menu and their child-friendly approach.
The library! A wonderful place for rest, relief (children’s corner), education, toilet visits, and so on.
Amo Falafel in Rågsved – delish!
Kamuchas at Hagsätra square – the best restaurant in the area where we live. And fun with Peruvian cuisine, something I’m not particularly familiar with.
Skansen – I like excursions, I like animals.
Café on Hornsgatan – I’m not a fika person, but here, everything’s nice and scrumptious, and they have wonderful staff. And there’s always wine.


Colour Made Easy
Colour Made Easy

One last question. If you had a motto, what would it be?

– A good day starts with a good night! I keep going on about needing rest. But I’m both tired and lazy and I love to sleep.

Well. That makes two of us. Thanks Evelina for the lovely chat!

Colour Made Easy

By team Studio The Way We Play:

Art director: Bea Hellman, Stylist: Louise Rizell, Photographer: Mira Wickman, Words: Karolina Borg, Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Aronsson/Agent Bauer, Video editing: Hannes Falk.

Translator: Niki Woods.

Published September 29, 2022