Maria Therese & Andreas

Small talk

Maria Therese & Andreas

Photographers Maria Therese, Andreas, kids Valentine and Aston lives in a beautiful apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm . Photographer: Idha Lindhag/Agent Bauer (Black & white photos: Private)

Maria Therese & Andreas

What does your home mean to you?

– It means a lot to us, we love being at home. But we can be home pretty much wherever. We don’t think so much about decorating, we just trust our gut feelings and let things come to us.

What inspires you?

– Music, nature, and movement.

Tell us about a few favorite pieces in your home.

– It’s impossible to choose – we appreciate everything in our home. Everything from the insane luxury of having warm water in the shower, to our beautiful amazing dining space we had built, to the small handmade things our friends have given us. Overall it’s just the caring energy that we both have felt since we first stepped into this apartment.

What do you fear?

– Worrying is praying for what you don’t want. We’re afraid of lots of stuff all the time, but we try, both of us, to not let it have any place in our lives. Darkness has a meaning and is a part of life, and it will be there weather you want it or not. But to think about it when life is light, it’s like praying for it. To feel pain or be afraid of feeling pain isn’t it kind of the same thing? I think the gavel dropped for us for real when we lived in New York and our little daughter became very sick. She started having convulsions and stopped breathing, we thought we were losing her. She ended up in intensive care and they started a difficult investigation into her condition that never really gave us any concrete answers. The fear of that it could happen again, and the speculating as to why it happened has given us many sleepless nights. But in the end, we were forced to decide to let go of the anxiety and manifest some happiness. We started focusing our soul on being thankful thats she made it through ok. It’s very freeing. There’s going to be more moments of sorrow, pain, and angst in the future probably in ways we can hardly take, but we don’t think about that right now.

Maria Therese & Andreas

How have you changed since becoming parents?

– My first child taught me about myself and my soul. My second child taught me about life and the world around me.

When are you truly happy?

– Around the dinner table with family and friends. When we are being creative. When we are getting out moving around. When we are relaxing. 

What do you do on a Saturday off?

– Our work schedule is a little unpredictable and we travel a good deal, so we don’t often have a normal week. When it happens that we are home and have a whole free Saturday it can feel a bit overwhelming with all the possibilities, which often leads to us being a bit introverted and instead keep- ing things simple. Go for a walk, make some good dinner, drink some wine.

Best date night?

– A good date night means good food, being close and variation! We hang out all the time in different ways because we work together and are married. It ́s almost like different relationships that grow individually. It’s important to explore yourself and each other, so we don’t cement a certain kind of behavior or stay to much on one track.


Maria Therese & Andreas

“My first child taught me about myself and my soul.  My second child taught me about life and the world around me.”

What are you dreaming of right now?

– It ́s so hopeful that society is waking up regarding girls and women’s reality with the #MeToo campaign. It feels like a lot of people are finally seeing what’s been right in front of their nose their whole lives. You get a rush from it – a feeling that change is actually possible. It would be a dream to see the same kind of awakening to how we are treating the planet and all the other life besides humans.

If you got to meet your 16-year-old self, what would you say?

– Take it easy, it’ll work out.

Life philosophy?

– We both strongly believe in the power of attraction and the fact that the more thankful you are the more you will have to be thankful for. 

Maria Therese & Andreas

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Published September 30, 2018