Malin Crépin

Small talk

Malin Crépin

Malin Crépin is an actress. She lives with her husband Markus, kids Carla, 7, Frances, 4, and the dog Acke in an apartment Södermalm in Stockholm. Thank you Malin for the visit!  Photo: Linda Alfvegren/Agent Bauer

Best advice you’ve been given as a mother?

– Before I had children, my mother warned me it would imply a crisis. That it’s both fantastic and overwhelming. It was nice to have been told about that as the tears started coming, three days after the delivery. When all my feelings came simultaneously. My children are usually the ones gi- ving me the best advice. They’ve taught me when they need to be fed, what they want to play and what routines work for us. I’d rather listen to them than other parents, because all children are so different. So are my girls, they both have their own needs and everything changes all the time.

What’s the hardest part of being a mother?

– Being enough. Being there in every way. Not transferring my own state of mind onto them.

Published May 24, 2017