Lotta Bauer

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Lotta Bauer

For Lotta who works in the cosmetic business with PR, skin care is not just a job. It’s really a love story!    

In collaboration with Scandinavian Cosmetics.

“I work in the cosmetics business with PR, working especially with skin care, since seven years back. I think it suits me, I like to drive brands and businesses through communication and PR and I’m quite social and like to match brands and people with a good fit. I like to cook and bake, not necessarily to myself (I’m not really a connoisseur but more of a sandwich and candy person) but love to serve nice things to family and friends. 

Me and my husband have two kids, William and Pelle, and a dog, Bobo. We just finished building our new house which is next to the beach and the nature reserve in Ljunghusen, which is close to big cities like Malmö and Copenhagen. I would say I’m a skin care nerd, I love creams, serums, essences, lotions, peelings, masks, you name it… I have a few perfumes that I love, but I’m really picky about fragrances. I’m not that good to put make-up on, I’m a bit lazy, I rather use my time to put a extra mask on or exfoliate my skin. Skin care is really a love story for me.

What is a perfect skin care routine?

“All routines are different depending on your skin type, I know you’ve all heard it before, but you need to find out what your skin craves for. The most important thing is to have a good cleansing routine, if you don’t clean your skin properly the end result will never be good. Then you need to moisturize, I have a dry and sensitive skin so I always need to use a serum, sometimes also an essence before the serum, then a rich cream and an eye cream. And I think you need to exfoliate at least once or twice a week and a night mask a couple of times a week.

If you don’t have good cleasing routine, try Filorgas Foam Cleanser or Sensai’s double cleansing routine, you will not be disappointed!”


Lotta Bauer
Lotta Bauer

Skin care faves


  1. I usually use Bioeffect 30-day treatment or Double Serum from Clarins, serums that make my skin glow. Bio Effect is a anti-age serum formulated with plantbased Epidermal Growth Factor that naturally activates cell regeneration. I wash my face with a creamy soap and then I use 3-4 drops of the serum for my whole face and neck and thats it, no other skin care product is needed, if you want to keep it easy.
  2. Extra Intensive Eye Cream from Sensai is very needed after my 4-year-old has his rants or my 9 year old wanting to have more screen time.
  3. Filorgas NCEF Night Mask, make my skin look like I’ve slept a whole night, my life saver. I never used up a cream as fast as I did with this one. For me this mask is magic in a jar. And when I need something extra to happen to my skin I use Peter Thomas Roth Pumplin Ezyme Mask.
  4. My favorite lip product is Sensai Total Lipgloss (which is based on Total Lip Treatment). I don’t like a lot of colour on my lips and this lipgloss gives me the perfect pink tone at the same time as it hydrates.”
Lotta Bauer
Lotta Bauer

“I use Filorga Scrub & Mask in the shower, it has a 2-1 formula, it has both a mechanical and enzyme peeling and then it turns into a oxygen Micro-bubble mask. Massage it in for 1 minute and then leave it for about 10 minutes. Both my husband and I use this gentle Hydra + Oil Gel Facial Cleanser from Grown Alchemist to remove impurities, leaving the skin delicate, calm and soothed. A fresh citrus shower gel from Hermés that both my husband and I use and I really love the beautiful packing.”

Do you have a summer vs winter routine?

“Of course, the skin needs different products in different climates. In the summer, to keep my skin young and without wrinkles and pigmentations, it is essential to use SPF. Basically, I just add SPF to my normal routine in summertime. Please don’t forget to use SPF, it protects your skin. It is kind of windy where I live so during winter time I sometimes need to add an extra rich cream to protect my skin.”

People spend a lot of money on skin care and beauty, why is that today you think?

“I believe people feel that when taking care of themselves, when applying their skin care routine, they get a pause from a very hectic and connected life that most people live. For a short period of time you can forget all the “to do’s” and just focus on yourself. I feel like this is my own time.”

How is the beauty industry today?

“For most people it is about to look and feel good and I think the interest in the beauty industry is getting more profund. Suddenly people are discussing ingredients and what they do to your skin, why some products works and some don’t. A lot of people are very curious and are experimenting with new ingredients and products. For me, who works in the industry with different brands and products it is a lot of fun, it gives more space for quality and long term value.

Will it change?

“I think quality will be even more important since the customers’ wants quality and not quantity, and that is a really good development.”

Who inspires you?

“I have a lot of wise and wonderful women around me that inspires me every day. Both my colleagues, friends in the industry and my girlfriends all inspires me in different ways. But one thing connects them all, they are all moms, they all work hard and are always doing their foremost, they should all get a big pat on their back. Mom’s are the best!”

What is the best thing with your work?

“I get to meet a lot of wonderful and interesting people and get to see new places all over the world and it doesn’t hurt that the products I work with makes my skin look great.”


Lotta Bauer

Livingroom – hand knitted rug in dusty pink and burgundy from s new brand, Cappelen Dimyr. Launching later this year.

Lotta Bauer

“Our goal was to make the house blend into the nature around it, thereof a lot of wood. We took a lot of inspiration from wooden houses from the 60s.”

Lotta Bauer

Lotta and her youngest son, Pelle.

Tell us about your beautiful house.

“We love our house. Best decision we ever made when we decided to build our own house. It came out just like we wanted. Our goal was to make the house blend into the nature around it, thereof a lot of wood. We had a lot of inspiration from wooden houses from the 60ties. There is a lot of beautiful houses out there and when you start from scratch it hard to choose which way to go. It took us about three years from the first drawing until we moved in, it was a fun but also hard process. Thank god for our constructor, they were the best!”

Where is your happy place?

“At home with my family sitting around our dinner table laughing and just being together as a family without any plans makes me really happy. Also, after a long day at the beach, watching the sunset on Mykonos (my husband’s dad was from Greece and everyone in our family has a big Mykonos hang up), the most beautiful sunset, the light there is magical. “

Products you really like?

“If you’re on a budget, shower foams from Rituals, they have a nice fragrance and I like the foam-feeling.

If you have more money to spend I would recommend Sensai Total Lip Treatment, a lifesaver during winter, it heals cracked lips but also reduces fine lines around the mouth. I know, a bit expensive, but it lasts about up to a year for me.”

If you can only buy one product?

“I would go for a serum, it can help a lot of diffrent skin concerns depeding on the ingredients in the serum.” ☮

Published September 9, 2018