Debbie Gallagher

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Debbie Gallagher

Makeup artist DEBBIE GALLAGHER lives with her man Marc, baby and two stepchildren in north London. She’s known for painting faces but she also sell kids vintage and have a social media company. Thank you Debbie!

Music: Catch The Wind by Donovan Leitch

Debbie Gallagher

What is motherhood to you?

– Probably the most important job I’ve ever been given. Bringing up young men to be gentle, loving and kind brothers, fathers and leaders. The new generation.

What has surprised you most by becoming a parent?

– He’s getting so big and learning so much everyday. It’s amazing. I want my boys to be great men.

When are you truly happy?

– Mornings with my loves. Coffee in bed and cuddles. Telling each other what dreams we had.

Do you have a mission in your work life?

– I want to be able to be a hands on mama and still make money for my family. I have a vintage company called Jelly Bug Vintage. I sell amazing old pieces. I’m a treasure hunter.

As a creative person, where does your inspiration comes from?

– I’m inspired by so many things. The way the sun reflects through the window. Music , Art , pottery, old movies.

Tell us about home and your interior style.

– I’m major into late 60s and 70s. I love mid-century furniture. I get a magical feeling when I find something old and cool.

Debbie Gallagher
Debbie Gallagher

What´is your thoughts about the current Corona situation in UK.

– It’s crazy times. I feel like the planet needed this shift. Maybe it will make us all closer and respectful to the planet and animals.

How do you spend your days now?

– We work from home. Try and stay creative and motivated. We take one walk a day and listen to records. I love being at home.

Debbie Gallagher
Debbie Gallagher

See more of Debbie and her work on instagram @desertdebs and @jellybugvintage

Published April 28, 2020