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Anine Bing

Thank you Anine for a lovely visit!

Anine Bing

Tell us about Anine Bing the company.

– It all started five years ago when I put a bunch of my clothes for sale on my blog (I was blogging in Sweden at the time), and everything sold out in an hour. It was the start of our business idea that just really took off. It was clear that people really liked my style and wanted access to it, and fashion is what I’ve always loved, so it just made sense to make a life out of it. My husband and I were living in Denmark at the time, with our first-born, Bianca and we moved back to Los Angeles to start the business from the ground up.The progress over the last five years has been amazing. Going from an idea and those first few years doing everything yourself, to 40 employees, a big office in LA, and brick-and-mortar stores all over the world. It’s the coolest thing. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up. In five years I’d see more and more growth. Exciting partnerships and collaborations. More stores in different cities throughout the world and just continuing to do what we do best, make clothes we love that women can feel good in.

A typical day in LA?

– Every day is different but I wake up really early, have coffee and breakfast with the kids and then it depends whether I am heading into the office to work on new styles with my design team; or brainstorm with the creative team; or sometimes I am at home in working sessions with the PR team. We moved in to our new home a few months ago and it’s finally finished so we’ve been using it as a location both for the brand or when a magazine wants to come shoot the house and the family all together. The day is a rotation of different meetings and shoots, working on the blog and answering emails. Then I pick up the kids from school – the best part of the day, and we go home and make a snack and play outside, or bake – we love baking! We usually have dinner all together without phones or ipads (most days!) and then bedtime is early for us… The days are always busy but I try to savor my little moments of family time and LA sun.

Anine Bing

Describe a perfect Saturday with your family.

– I LOVE weekends at home with my family. The best is when we wake up and have a full breakfast together in the kitchen. Waffles, fruit, French press full of coffee. And then it’s quiet time for everybody but we’re all hanging out. Our son Benjamin will play with his dinosaurs, my six-year-old girl Bianca loves to draw or play around in my closet and I’ll flip through magazines for inspiration. Then we usually go on a neighborhood walk or play outside. The kids jump on the trampoline and my husband and I can sit with a cup of coffee. Later we might walk into the neighborhood for lunch at one of our favorite spots or go on a hike up Griffith Park, our favorite trail in LA. In the evening I love when friends stop by. Everybody hangs out in the kitchen, the adults have a glass of wine and we cook and listen to music.

On a night out with your friends or a date with your husband, what do you do or go?

– The basics: just dinner and drinks somewhere good! My husband Nicolai and I are low key. For our recent wedding anniversary, we spent Sunday morning with Starbucks coffee and bagels, it was simple but cozy, just how we like it.

Best advice you´ve been given as a mother

– To not be too hard on yourself and take a minute here and there for yourself. You can’t be perfect and it’s so important to have time alone to self-care: get a manicure, put on a face mask, and just think to yourself with a clear mind, without being in “mom” mode. It ends up being better for everyone in the family when mom is happy and balanced.

Anine Bing
Anine Bing

The hardest part of being a mother?

– Time is always a challenge. I wish there was more time. I definitely have been known to feel guilt about running a business and also being home being a present mother. Also my daughter has surprised me with some of the things she’s asked at a young age. They really are little sponges and it’s easy to forget how much they listen and pick up on. But I’m doing my best and trying to realize that NOTHING is perfect.

What do you fear?

– Things I can’t control and not be able to keep my kids safe and happy. It’s always part of life but you just want to protect them so much.

When are you truly happy?

– Weekends at home with my family in the sun in our little cozy oasis. I´m also super happy when I get to create; sitting with my design team brainstorming ideas for new seasons. Being back in Stockholm or Copenhagen with family in the summers. When I see our clothes on women or they tell me how happy and confident it made them to wear one of our pieces. It never gets old and always makes me happy.

Anine Bing
Anine Bing

What inspires you?

– So much. Because I have my company I’m really inspired by women who juggle family and work and just do so much. I get inspiration from them. And I’m super obsessed with New York City. The feeling and energy. You arrive and you feel excited and ready to make things happen. I love being in New York and seeing the people and what the city has to offer. Traveling always inspires me. The people I work with. Creatively I get inspired by going to to flea markets, vintage stores, art galleries and vintage book stores. So much history and ideas to bring back to the design studio.

How du you turn a tough day around?

– Sleep fixes everything! A good shower, face mask, cuddles with the kids, and the occasional glass of wine with girlfriends. Just relaxing. I think it´s important to now and then take a day to yourself and just do little things that makes you happy and relaxed. I was close to burning out a few months back so I really had to take a step back and look at my daily routine. During that time I still had to work, but many days I just stayed in bed working and made sure to relax as much as I could. If we don’t take good care of ourselves it’s hard to then be a good mom, wife and boss.

Anine Bing

Best things to do with kids in LA?

– Griffith Park is always fun. There’s little parks and a carousel and zoo nearby. The beach is also always a great idea.

Tell us about your new house.

– It’s my favorite place ever. We’re so in love. It’s an old Spanish house with gorgeous tiles, beautiful staircase in the entryway and open light. It feels like being on vacation but so cozy. We re-did pretty much the whole house and the backyard but kept it feeling authentic too. It has things we love all over. Black and white photographs of Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, and Jane Birkin. Framed art by both of our children. It is definitely our happy place!

In five years time from now, what do you wish for in life?

– To feel like I have more time with my family. Continued happiness and growth for our company.

Anine Bing
Published August 14, 2018

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