Somen spring bowl with sesame

3 years ago

Somen spring bowl with sesame

A simple spring lunch, or light and bright dinner.

Somen spring bowl with sesame

serves 1

one portion somen (90g)
other spring green of your choice

dipping sauce (measurements are very approximate – taste it!)
sesame paste (2 tbsp)
dashi (100 ml)*
soy sauce (1-2 tbsp)
rice vineagar (1 tbsp)
mirin (1 tbsp)

Julienne the greens or slice in bite sized pieces. Whisk together the ingredients for the dipping sauce. Cook the somen and chill immediately in running cold water. Blanc the asparagus in saltet water and chill at once. Place the vegetables on the noodles and the dipping sauce in a small bowl. When eating dip noodles and greens in the sauce before slurping!

*either use powdered or “teabag” version if you can get hold of it, boil with water and let cool. Or make your own: soak konbu (4x4cm) in 500 ml water for 30 min. Slowly bring to an almost boil, remove from heat and add a large handful of bonit flakes. Let soak for another 15 min. Strain and salte to taste. Leave to cool, keeps in the fridge for a couple of days – use for eg. miso soup or other noodle sauces/soups.

(If you’re looking for a more classic Somen recipe I have one in my book The Japanese Table which you can order where you get books)

Somen spring bowl with sesame
Somen spring bowl with sesame
Sofia Hellsten

Sofia Hellsten

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