Green apple caprese

3 years ago

Green apple Caprese
Green apple Caprese

I love me some Caprese. However tomatoes are only in season a very small part of the year and eating flavourless fresh tomatos in the middle of winter, will to be honest, never make sense to me. Canned, yes. Dried, yes. In a paste, yes. Fresh, yes during a few summer months, no at any other time. So, enter the solution to the Caprese problem – mozzarella with apple. Apple, that just like the tomato is both a little sweet and a little tangy, and so goes perfectly well with a fatty mozzarella. I also swapped the basil for tarragon, but honestly that’s up to you. I dare you to try this, and tell me what you think.


Green apple Caprese
Serves 2, or 4 as a starter

1 green apple (with a tang, Granny Smith works wonders)
1 ball of mozzarella (or buffalo mozzarella)
juice from 1/3 of a lemon
sea salt
high grade olive oil
fresh tarragon
freshly ground Timut pepper (or regular black)

Wash the apple and grate roughly into a bowl, taking breaks squeezing some lemon juice on the meat to prevent from browning. Add a small pinch of salt and mix.  Tear the mozzarella into pieces, plate together with the grated apple on a serving plate. Top with tarragon, pepper, salt and a good dash of olive oil.

Green apple Caprese
Sofia Hellsten

Sofia Hellsten

Sofia Hellsten, cookbook author & photographer, although main trade of work at the moment is Creative Director at podcast platform Acast. Her book “The Japanese Table – Small Plates for Simple Meals” was released fall of 2019. This will with some probability be a space with recipes of simple (but GOOD) food, a constant quest for the perfect breakfast or just some good old inspiration to life’s important details – flavour and form. Based in Stockholm, but always longing for Japan.

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