Sweet and salty dates with yogurt and chilli


Sweet and salty dates with yogurt and chilli

This dish will probably be eaten in 15 seconds, it ´s so GOOD!    

Serves 4

12-15 soft dates,
like Medjool

2 tbs olive oil + additional for


A good pinch of dried chilli flakes

A good pinch of
flaky sea salt

200 ml Russian yoghurt

2 fresh figs

1/2 red chili pepper,
finely sliced

Cracked black pepper

Heat a small pan with olive oil and fry the dates at medium high together with the chilli flakes and salt. Fry for 5-6 minutes until the dates start to caramelise. Spoon yoghurt onto a plate and place the dates on top.Tear the figs apart and scatter over together with the fresh chilli. Finnish with a drizzle of olive oil and some black pepper.

Sweet and salty dates with yogurt and chilli

Sofia, how did cooking become your lifestyle?

– It was passed down from my mother, the best cook I know and the only person who can talk about food as much as me haha!

What kind of music is best for cooking?

– My home is hardly ever quiet, there’s always a constant little sound of kids playing, but I usually have a chatty podcast on in the background too.

Recently my husband and I spent a weekend in Paris and in our hotel room there was this great french jazz radio station playing, I don’t want to sound pretentious but I feel like that was really lovely and that I’ll play that now in the future too.

Table setting – what is your best tip?

– I’m all about wrinkled linen tablecloths and napkins, crystal glasses, candles and using the fine silverware in a relaxed manner on a daily basis. I’m also really into vintage Finish tableware from the 70’s at the moment too.

3 simple ways of creating a magic dinner mood?

– First, serve everything family style, meaning big plates with plenty of food on them that everyone can pick and choose from.

Second–make sure you own a really great wooden cutting board for a serving plate.

And last, mix highs and lows, champagne in water glasses and bleak roe with crisps for a relaxed feeling.

Ingredients you always have at home?

– I always have good olive oil, lots of organic lemons and different types of dried chili at home

Do you have a food philosophy?

– Eat seasonally, eat locally, and also it’s always better to have simpler ingredients of better quality than fancy stuff that’s not perfect.

How do you get kids to love vegetarian food?

– By evoking their curiosity in a soft manner! We place everything on the table and they are always asked, but never forced, to try new things. I think it’s important to be relaxed about it, it will come eventually… and really, it’s about what they eat in a week, not on a day to day basis. Also, everyone’s different, my son thinks everything I cook is great but my daughter is much more conservative and it’s important to respect that too.

Sweet and salty dates with yogurt and chilli
Published June 5, 2017