Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble


Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble

Wine Critic and author Alf Tumble shares his best secrets Photo by Linda Alfvegren/Agent Bauer Styling by Karolina Borg & Bea Hellman

Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble

Tell us about yourself.

– I live in Stockholm, Södermalm, with wife Sandra and kids Bernard, 4 and Bianca, 7. I’ve got the opportunity to work with two of my main interests in life: Music and wine.
I’m a wine critic/columnist for Dagens Nyheter since 4 years and I do wine films for together with my partner Petter. I also talk about wine at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon every now and then. Since the start I’ve written three books. Love running. My daytime job is as a Music Supervisor for Soundtrack Your Brand.

When did you find out that you wanted to work with wine?

– I discovered wine 15 years ago while I was dj-ing a lot in countries like Italy and Spain. Before each gig there’s a dinner with the promoter always including lots of good wines. In 2005 I decided to go for sommelier studies at Restaurangakademin. Since then I’m lost…

If you could drink only one white an one red for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

–Champagne and Barolo. The fizz to clean the palate between the barolos.

And if you only can choose three different snack food to keep in your kitchen, that would go well with the wines, what would that be?

– Potato chips (greasy, salty, no seasoning). Fried risotto balls. Salumi.

Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble
Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble

Can you tell us about a memorable or surprising wine tasting situation you’ve had?

– Once I was invited to be part of the judge for a beer competition. The other jury members insisted on not to spit! (when you’re tasting wine you always spit) After 70 beers I gave up. I’ll stick to wine …

This issue of TWWP Mag is the LOVE Issue, what- wine according to you is the most sensual wine and why?

– I think all wines are sensual in different ways. The most lovely ones are the type of wines that I’m into at the moment. Sometimes I get totally psyched about german riesling, the next month it could be pinot noir from Saint-Joseph. I have no issues with sleeping around with different wine styles or regions. Most of the times I get a crush on a specific address like Jura, Saint-Joseph or Swartland.

Do you have a favorite producer?

– Can’t say just one but I’m totally addicted to the wines of Piemonte, Italy. Do you have an agenda with your wine interest?

What is the next step?

– Always looking for new kicks. The ultimate wine is yet to be found!

Personally my main focus has always been create a link between ”new findings” and my readers/follo- wers. With I see opportunities to make wine interesting for a the next generation.

Best trip ever?

– South Africa or New Zeeland.

Best restaurant experience?

– First time at Fäviken.

What inspires you in life?

– People around me. All the time.

What is your life philosophy?

– Just do it. Or don’t.

Dream destination to visit?

– Right now it would be exciting go to Toronto and see my nephew play hockey for the Maple Leafs in NHL. Running Leadville trail 100 would be a dream/ trip as well, given that I would be in a fantastic running shape…

Favorite bar in Stockholm?

– Eriks vinbar, Tweed, Ett hem.

… and in the world?

– Clown bar in Paris, Bar Basso in Milano.

Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble

Your defining moments in your work life?

– 1999. Finished studies at RMI Berghs copywriting education, learned how to write and got a job. At the same time i met my music partner in crime Magnus Rydén and we started our music career. 2013. Wrote my first book ”Drick!” for Natur & Kultur and got hired by Dagens Nyheter as their new wine critic.

Where do you find yourself in five years?

– Still in wine & music business. Probably doing marathons under 3 hours.

Alf Tumble’s Spicy Aquavit

Akvavit, ”water of life”, is a Scandinavian distilled beverage of approximately 35-40% alcohol by volume. Like vodka, it’s distilled from either potato or grain, but it has to be flavoured with at least one of the herbs dill or caraway seed. While this claim for the medicinal properties of the drink may be rather inflated, it is a popular belief that Akvavit will ease the digestion of rich foods. That’s why it’s found on the dinner tables at the traditional Swedish Christmas celebration. It’s usually drunk as a schnapps during the appetizer (especially pickled herring), while singing one of many drinking songs. Akvavit connoisseurs, on the other hand, tend to drink and treat the spirit like fine cognac, rhum or whiskey. Therefore, the flavouring is utterly important to make a smooth and complex blend that goes well with the salty food. The best recipes tend to be top secrets – like this one.


1 bottle (750ml) of pure white spirit, like vodka (35% alcohol)
1 teaspoon caraway seed
1 teaspoon aniseed
1 small piece (2-3 cm) of cinnamon 1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 drop of peppermint oil
Zest from one lemon


Pour the spirit into a 1 litre bottle. Then add all the ingredients one by one.
Be careful with the peppermint oil, more than one drop can ruin the whole taste.
Use a sharp knife to take off the bitter white inside of the lemon zest. Finally put a
cork in the bottle and shake it easily. Place the bottle dark for a minimum of three weeks. Taste and season more if you feel for it. Sieve the final blend 2-3 times and pour back into your christmas bottle. Serve lightly chilled, 12-15 C.

Music & Wine : by Alf Tumble
Published May 27, 2018