Jonna & The Dirty Martini


Jonna & The Dirty Martini

Food & fashion lover Jonna Bergh is editor-in-chief at STYLEBY Magazine and lives at Södermalm in Stockholm with her son. Photo by Linda Alfvegren/Agent Bauer

Jonna & The Dirty Martini
Jonna & The Dirty Martini

Why is Dirty Martini your favorite drink?

– It’s chic and strong but not too perfect. Like me!

When did you first had it?

– It was at the restaurant Les Halles in New York in 2003 before I had dinner. A fillet de boeuf that I remember to this day.

For which occations is a Dirty Martini the best drink to have?

– It really boost your appetite, so to have one before you eat is great. But I also love to just have one at home before I go out, or actually whenever.

How do you make yours?

– I’ll chill a martini glass with ice and water. Then I’ll put 5 cl gin, 1 cl vermoth and 1 cl olive brine and ice in a shaker and shake for about seven seconds. I do like to shake my martinis since it’s fun! Then I remove the ice from the glass and stain the drink into it. Sometimes I’ll add more brine, it depends how salty I want it. Sometimes I also add a few drops of lemon juice. I very seldom put lemon zest into the coctail though. Then I’ll add three, always three, olives. I have a house rule: Anybody that comes into my apartmant is offered a dirty martini, no matter what time in the day. Most recent it was the metal band Mayhem who stopped by for a cocktail before their Stockholm gig. They wanted it extra dirty, which made me very happy since that’s the way I prefer them myself.

What do you add?

– That’s the great thing – the olives are already there. Drink and snacks in the same cocktail!

And the best music for the Dirty Martini?

– A Dirty Martini is classic enough for The Rat Pack and still as dirty as Kreator. It goes with everything and everybody.

Favorite dish to cook?

– I do like cooking and are quite good at it, and I love traditional Swedish food. Anything goes, but I do a mean moose steak with the best sause, I kid you not.


Jonna & The Dirty Martini
Jonna & The Dirty Martini

Take out or eat in?

– I’m not so into takeaway, actually. I eat home – or eat out. I don’t see why you should buy food out to eat home really. But when it happens it ́s close to always a spicy Tom Yam Goong-soup.

Do you have a memorable drink story you want to share with us?

– One day after work I went to this bar and I couldn’t make up my mind about what to order, so I ended up asking the bartender to surprise me and he served me a drink he thought would suit me. I took a sip and – it was awful. I left the drink at the bar, and left feeling quite sad. I remember thinking ”He must really hate me”. A while ago I met the bartender at a party. He told me it was actually the opposite, it was a way to flirt since he had served me his favourite drink, Horse’s neck. No chemistry there!

Best company for a night out?

– Great shoes that makes you feel hot, but won’t make your feet hurt. My best buddies is Manolo Blahnik’s BB-pump. There’s not a high heeled shoe with a more comfortable fit out there. Hear me, ladies!

Tell us about your decoration style.

– I like wood, I like black. I add things I love. Plants are important, especially mother-in-law’s tounges. And always dark floors! In the early 90 ́s I came across Juergen Teller ́s photographs, probably in i-D, and I got so into them. When I got myself my first apartment I bought one of his books, found my favoruite pic and just blew it up. It has been in my home ever since. When my son was younger he used to point at it and say ”Mummy”. I truly wish I had had my ass photographed by Juergen Teller, but unfortunatley … No.

Why did you fall in love with this apartment?

– It seemed like I already lived here. And Södermalm has a community feel to it. Also most of my friends live here, so it’s easier to have a social life that doesn’t need to much effort in terms of transportation.

Best fashion buy?

– My Cabas bag by Céline is worth mentioning since I probably used it every day since I bought it three years ago. I use it for work, to the gym, when grocery shopping, when travelling, when going to the beach. It’s just a great bag and I haven’t grown tired of it even though I’m using it so much. But then again, I’m not that interested in bags. I’m a shoe girl.

Do you have a style icon?

– George Powell, Stacy Peralta and The Velvet Underground.

Dream deastination anywhere in the world?

– I had a traditional, lovely Russan meal sitting between a table with loud, drunk supermodels in sci fi-dresses on one side and on the other side we had an old, traditional dressed Russian couple that just ate their Borsjtj in silence. And the look of the place … Amazing.

– Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. I am obsessed with reading about the Californian music scene that sprung out of those hills in the 70 ́s. I’m one of those really annoying rock n’ roll tourists that cruise around the hills and peek into people’s gardens just because Mama Cass used to live there 40 years ago. Although I’m aware of that my view on it is very romantic – in real life I don’t think it was that great to be a woman in that environment.

Favorite restaurant in Stockholm?

– Riche is the establishment were I spend most time. I also love to go to Pelikan with my brother to eat herring and drink beer with Linie Akvavit. That’s our thing, it’s very special to me.

… in the world?

– I ́ve been to the bar Last Train in Oslo somuch that I actually got the honor to be one of the writers in the anthology they published at an anniversary a couple of years ago. It’s the type of bar that you can get into and they play the whole B-side of Kiss ”Unmasked” album, which was the first album I ever bought. I mean … Nobody plays that record, and if they by some strange reason do – not the B-side! The restaurant that made the biggest impression on me is Café Pushkin in Moscow. I had a traditional, lovely Russian meal sitting between a table with loud, drunk supermodels i sci fi-dresses on one side and on the other side we had an old, traditional dressed Russian couple that just ate their Borsjtj in silence. And the look of the place, Amazing.

Published May 9, 2018