Magic Story


Magic Story

Photographer: LINDA ALFVEGREN/Agent Bauer Hair&makeup: ALEXANDRA ARONSSON/Agent Bauer Model TORA E/Elite Models  

Extra Extra!

Glitter and sequins are not just for the kids anymore! Bring extra sparkle and upgrade your party look with a simply monochrome eyeliner, as a glamouros top coat to your eyeshadow or just on its own on your eye-lid, under your eye or in the outer corner of your eye. One of the biggest trends this fall, both for your eyes and your outfit; less is NOT more this season.

I mixed a whole lot of different glitters, all from make-up store–you’ll find them at or

Magic Story
Magic Story

60’s style

AW16 fashion shows presented lashes, lashes, lashes… Fake lashes. Painted-on lashes. Lashes clumped togther as spider legs. There was also the eyeshadow with a marked dark globe line with a lighter shade on the lid–Twiggy Style. This is one way to make your eyes look much bigger, just make sure you fade the globe line and that you get some what the same shape on your eyes.

Eyes: Idun Minerals Duo Eyeshadow Skogsfru,

Magic Story
Softly Smokey

Update the classic black smokey eye and use colors instead. Browns, grey, purples makes the make up a little softer and more wearable. It still make your eyes intensely pop out and bring out your beautiful eye color.

Eyepolish Imagine, Rms, Swift Shadow GR-19 Rms,


A Peachy Touch

The color peach is mostly associated with spring, but it works just as good in the winter. It adds a romantic touch to your make up and it makes your eyes look fresh and awake.
Use it by itself or combine it with a soft brown/beige to shape your eyes. You could also add a touch on the apple cheek for a subtle glow.

Sephora Collection Colorful Filter Palette

Published June 10, 2017