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Plat du Jour

Photo: Hans Ericksson/Agent Molly Styling: Catherine Vaindorf/Agent Molly Models: Paula, Celina, Vincent, Stella, Marley, Elliot/Stockholmsgruppen.


You and I. We are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Sweet child of mine. Summer wears our heartbeat. Summer wears our memories. Summer carries our secrets and joy. I will cherish it forever and ever for the both of...

We are still kids

Photography: HANS ERICKSSON/Agent Molly Stylist: KATTIS LINDOFF/Agent Bauer Models: Emeli, Vincent, Camron, Paula, Agnes & Ellen/Stockholmsgruppen


Photographer: Hans Ericksson/Agent Molly Stylist: Kattis Lindoff/Link Details Models: Vilma, Leo, Ville, Jenny, Elsa, Andreas, Vera, Ronja, Josefin, Ingrid Thanks to Villa Bella.