8 months ago


Back home.

Straight from the sunrise over the ocean and the warm, crystal clear saltwater swims late in the evenings. Being outdoor as a default setting. Healing as hell.

When autumn comes knocking it brings both a sense of melancholy and excitement in my being. That is a very interesting feeling as it makes me feeling very alive and present.

What I will bring with me from the long Summer on Hydra:

  • all senses are equally important to enhance life’s experiences : scents/the kind of light the day brings/strong or slow winds/beauty in the surroundings


  • eating slowly


  • being in nature everyday no matter the weather or wherever I am in the world


  • routine is essential. It´s not boring its the key to complete freedom and creativity


  • moving slowly


  • not being busy as a default setting that Ive easily fallen back into in harder times. Being busy all the time doesn’t mean -good girl working hard- it’s a trauma response to feel afraid of slowing down because what will happen if I loose control of everything I´m trying to control with my ¨state of business´. Stillness is the only way to clarity and forward movement and not living in the future


  • literature that doesn’t sweep me off my feet on the first page is not a book I will try to force myself through.  The days in our lives are too short to choose to force things that should be enticing/alluring/exciting/inviting/seducing/mind blowing/.  The books I keep forever and ever and re-read are those who does that, that moves me.  Movies and experiences. If it doesn’t move me , why do I keep trying? Rule goes for relationships and all kinds of experience we think we should love/like/try/. It’s not wrong to change what we like and what we want to to any given morning that we wake up. Habits and things we have collected and added unconsciously throughout our lives are sometimes not completely aligned with freedom of expression and creation


  • creating

when I experience a profound sense of purpose all living is enhanced where ever I am whatever I do. When I wrote music in my younger years it was lonely but when melodies and lyrics pulls a string in other people who listens, connection is created. When I paint, I escape reality, escape captivity and time. It´s like Ive found this formula, a secret…  The true and clear purpose of creating…. feeling utterly connected to life and to feel truly free


Cecilia · 8 months ago
Please make a list of the books you mentioned <3

Emelie Törling · 8 months ago
Sorry for my late reply, I definitely will! <3

Emelie Törling

Emelie Törling

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