What day is it

2 years ago

what day is it


we have more than one month left in quarantine here in Switzerland. Its starting to creep up inside for sure.

I’m so fkn thankful for everything that we are in a house, that we have a garden and so on but still. Weird times weird feelings worries about the future.
I don’t know what to post about today. What would you like me to post about? Anything far from reality. Maybe that’s what I´ll do coming days..

hope you’re all healthy and well-
love xx

Hej · 2 years ago
Your thoughts on ayurveda, what dosha you are and how you live by it :) Alså diffrent rituals you do to feel good. Self-care! Would be great!

Emelie Törling · 2 years ago
Awesome,... The things I love!!! Self-care is SUCH a great idea! xx

alex · 2 years ago
Please post more pictures of your house and garden =)

Emelie Törling · 2 years ago
Oh I will!! xx

Josefine · 2 years ago
Skulle vilja veta vilka dina favoritböcker är :) Älskar din inredningssmak. Var handlar du alla fina saker?

Emelie Törling

Emelie Törling

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