Immunity water + health bomb dinner

2 years ago

Ok so I asked you yesterday what I should write about these days and self care rituals and healthy Ayurvedic stuff was requested. How great! Cuz you know I love the shit.
I think I’ve mentioned that I’m a horribly bad cook, but last night I came to realize that might be my own faulty truth! Maybe I’m bored with making ordinary food, but when it comes to grand cakes and bakes or health bombs I’m actually kinda good!Hope you enjoy this dinner recipe I made yesterday( I never mind cooking unless it´s LOADED LIKE CRAZZZY WITH VITAMINOS)

If you cook it, let me know what you thought! LOVE xx

Immunity water + health bomb dinner

Emelie´s yummy health bomb salad

1 avocado cut in squares
1 halloumi cut in small squares (friend in ghee)
3 large beets, peeled and cut
1 whole lime pressed
1 cucumber, cut in small pieces
1 bunch of fresh coriander, finely cut and sprinkled over the salad
Himalayan salt and over it
2 long sticks of fresh celery cut in small pieces

Mix up! Add the avocado last so it doesn’t get mashed!

(on a additional plate on the side, quinoa boiled with René Voltaire´s lantbuljong)

Well the list would take me an hour. Google the benefits of these ingredients if you don’t already know them<3

Immunity water + health bomb dinner

Also made som salmon in the oven with sesame oil, sesame seeds, himalayan salt, ground pepper, freshly squeezed lime
+ cocktail tomatoes.

Wild salmon: beautiful inside and out you guys! Skin, eyes, brain, sleep..
Why do I make it with sesame oil?
Sesame is enourously high in antioxidants! it´s good for your heart, it helps control blood sugar, also has a component that help protecting your skin against UV rays from the inside. Cool and awsome huh.

Warm tomatoes? Well, I have never really enjoyed to eat raw tomatoes actually, but warm tomatoes… That might be one of my favorite in the world.. When you cook tomatoes they actually increase it´s antioxidant levels by more than 60 %. Also how cool and how GOOD!
(If you have time and wanna do a side dish to something else, boil lots of tomatoes in the oven for 2-3 hours with your favorite herbs on low heat. Jeez Louise. It´s fantastic. Garlic, rosemary.. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Immunity water + health bomb dinner

First thing in the morning. LARGE GLASS with WARM WATER. Lot´s of lemon squeezed in plus fresh curcumin /turmeric. Mix and drink before anything.
Or, if you wanna be a hardcore Ayurvedic like me, you drink this water after you’ve used a tounge scraper to remove bacteria after wakening, as well as an oil pulling for 1-2 minutes with coconut oil. (1 spoon of coconut oil swirling around in your mouth)

Since I started with this, I cannot stop. It´s feels super fresh. According to ayurveda, toungscraping removes the bacteria which is key to preventing cavities, gum disease, and other conditions affecting the mouth. (Obviously also reducing any bad breath)
The oil pulling does the same things but also whitens teeth. Hell yeah.

Benefits with this water first thing in the morning?
Turmeric has an active principle that you might know; curcumin, that helps detox the liver, combats cellular aging, and has antibacterial properties. This spicy water helps to boost the metabolism early in the morning throughout the whole day, is a good source of antioxidant vitamin C and of course rehydrate your body after 8 hours of sleep. Add-on: black pepper and chili. But that’s for the real hardcore. I’m currently sticking with turmeric and lemon and that’s good enough!

Sanna · 2 years ago
Kul att höra om bra dagliga rutiner. Jag är själv intresserad av Ayruveda men har inte börjat med någon rutin än, endast testat lite olika tips sporadiskt. Brukar börja dagen men en kall ingefära/gurkmeja shot. Är det bättre att använda varmt vatten tro?

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