My skincare routine for ultimate glow

2 years ago

Hey loves. I’ve pinned down my skin care routine with the face products I use for glow.

I still dream about being this girl I was when I was 22, who only did the mornings with an organic face mist and then ready to go, but that’s not enough these days to be honest. I’m a mother of two, sleep is not something I indulge in and also, I´m living in a cold and wintery country! So! I have looked for products that makes my skin get a healthy glow, fast! These products below does it. (What’s not included in the collage is my organic sunscreen products that I love SO much; Rudolp Care from Denmark. Also another natural danish brand: Karmamjeu and their 3-1 star micellar water. This stuff I will never stop using unless they stop making the,

So, these products below are my glow go too. And a very important note: I´m not whatsoever sponsored by any of these brands, (I wish), so this is my highly personal choices since I was a teenage warrior. Hit me with your questions if you got any. <3 Also, if you have any super skin secretes for glow, please kiss and tell!

For glow on the inside, (which is even more important), look for the next post. Love on you all!


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Emelie Törling

Emelie Törling

Mother to daughters Nico Anaïs 4 & Gia Aymeline 1. Married to G. Spiritual / physical health junkie and lover of many things. Singer, artist and the owner and designer behind the boots brand Leontine.