5 seriously amazing beauty products that actually work

2 years ago

5 seriously amazing beauty products that actually work

Got requests from you guys about my skincare routine!

WOW… ? I’m so  flattered. Seriously.

I´ve never felt (except a few times  in my life), that my skin is awesome the way it is. I guess we learn our beauty hacks as we age.

Sooooo,  I decided that this is my 1st out of 5 beauty and skin care routine posts that I will share with you! <3

As I get older I really feel that I can not get away with sleeping with makeup on anymore, tan without sunscreen etc, since it´s REALLY starting to show. Therefor I’ve actually come down with a routine that I don’t think I will stop. The products will always change as the market learn about new things of course, but for now, I know exactly what I love….



5 seriously amazing beauty products that actually work

I’m VERY VERY hard to romance when it comes to new products. In any field actually.  You cannot charm me in any way, I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like, and when I find brands / products that I love, I’m so freakkin loyal the brands would cry if they knew.

When I got the chance to try out the Swedish brand VERSO I said yes.

As always, I’m skeptical to new beauty things but I’ve heard good things about them, and also everything eye masks and retinol things are the only VIP exceptions welcome in my bathroom.

I have mixed skin, very dry but also an oily t-zone. Retinol helps to resurface the skin as well as minimizing big pores, scars and even sunspots = Big Yes to retinol.


5 seriously amazing beauty products that actually work

The products I tried  was the Verso super eye retinol serum once a day in the evening, and the Verso super facial serum with retinol as well, once a day for a week. Truthfully, I must say they work.  Its nice to try products and actually see results FAST. I have absolutely no patience and I’m not loyal unless creams smell good, feels amazing and so on. This stuff hurt a bit but I know that’s also because retinol is pretty strong. I believe the products just do their jobs when it stings.

The verso eye mask and facial hydration mask I just loved hard.. I did them before a dinner when I had been sick in flu for a week and I seriously looked amazing.  I’m a mask freak. Again, I have no patience to go to saloons, so the more I can do at home while I do laundry or taking a shower I’m down on! Great masks are great beauty hacks for mothers on the run.:)

Face cream, masks and cleaning routine is next up. Also body beauty! I just need to go and pick up Anaïs from pre-K now so I´ll try to post tonight!

LOVE xx Em



R · 2 years ago
Du ser alltid ut att ha fläckfri hy! Blir ju så avis;) Jag har tampats med dålig hy i perioder (förmodligen stress) och upplevde när jag testade lite starkare produkter (tror det var någon syra?) och efter det blev jag så känslig! Upplever du att du blir ”känsligare” utav retinol? Annars kanske det är ide att testa! Just nu har hyn stabiliserat sig men med mindre sömn (precis blivit mamma) så ser och känner man sig inte superläcker;) Ser fram emot nästa inlägg:))

Emelie Törling · 2 years ago
Hej Ronja, alltså åh tack... Jag har bra hy från och till, men känner av skillnad när jag kommer ihåg att dricka mycket vatten....;) Jag blir absolut känsligare av retinol eftersom det är starkt, så jag använder enbart produkterna under vinterhalvåret, vilket jag såklart borde skrivit!! Men a och o är verkligen masker... Jag känner mig SÅ mycket fräschare efter det! KRAM!

Lovisa · 2 years ago
Åh, så kul att läsa om dina favoriter! Amazing! Fortsätt så <3

Emelie Törling · 2 years ago
Hej Lovisa, jag ska absolut skriva mer om mina favoriter!! <3 Något särskilt område du tänker på? KRAM

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