Deb Sfez


Deb Sfez

We had a quick chat with art director and fashion stylist DEBORAH SFEZ, who lives in Pantin in France.  

Hi Deb, what is it that you do?

– I’m Deborah Sfez. I’m from Paris, France and for the past decade I’ve been working in the kid’s and women’s fashion industry as an Art Director and Stylist. While I sometimes shoot in Paris, many of my clients come from other parts of the world which means I’ve had the luck and pleasure to discover many amazing places.

Where do you live?

– We live in Pantin–a suburb just outside Paris. We live by the Canal de l’Ourcq, we love going for long walks in the morning or bigger rides along the canal on the weekend. Living in Pantin has been ideal for us, we are half way to Paris for work and social life, and half way to green getaways.

We really like your beautiful kids stories, what is your inspiration?

– My inspiration comes from many sources: books, people, songs, magazines, and nature being some that instantly come to mind. I’m very curious and can get easily distracted, and start daydreaming looking at my coffee going through the filter for instance.

Tell us your story how you started out as stylist and AD?

– After working for 3 years in a press office in Paris, as a press agent specializing in Kids fashion, I decided to take some time off and flew to Sydney, Australia, for a year. This is where I met Beck Marshall, the founder and Creative Director of Papier Mache magazine and The New Story. I remember the day we first met on Crown Street, we connected straight away. I started working as a Market Editor on the first print issue in 2009. I remember walking back home from the office, thinking ‘this is it, that’s where I want to build my career’. Once back to Paris, I started working as Deputy Editor on the 15 print issues that followed, and in the meantime, I developed my own business as a Stylist and Art Director, and here I am ten years later.  

Best work you did in your own opinion?

– Working for Papier Mache magazine has been an amazing experience, this is where I got to know all the secrets of the industry and challenge myself in many ways. I love working on editorials, to let my creativity go wild, but also on commercials, to find the perfect equation to meet creativity and client’s needs. 


Deb Sfez

Our dining room, a place for sharing coffees, pancakes, yummy diners with friends and family, it always feels good to be around this table. 

Deb Sfez

In summertime, we have the sunset in our kitchen. The light is amazing, this is where you can find me between 5 and 7. 

Deb Sfez

This is where my boyfriend spends most of his time when he is home, cooking. I’m just the assistant, chopping veggies and telling if his pad thai tastes better than last time. I won’t complain.

Whats your interior style?

– I’m not sure what our interior style is, we don’t spend much time specifically decorating it! To be honest, we like having our living space as clean and simple as possible, without being overwhelmed by too much furniture. We love cooking, so that’s maybe the only place in the house where we consciously spend, mostly investing in kitchen utensils.

Do you have a dream place?

– Since the lockdown and the current global situation I’ve got into meditation and yoga, and I have to say I’ve been trying to find my inner soul dreamplace. It’s taking time, but it feels good once you reach it, you can get there anytime, anywhere and I don’t need tickets!

How is the corona status effecting you?

– It makes me realize how frenetic life was before, and how I was automatically formatted to this rhythm, without realizing that life could be lived differently. The lockdown has given me the time to re-think my daily life and put things in perspective for the future.

Do you want to recommend something?

– A big bowl of pasta and a lot of cheese on top!

What do you look forward to?

– I can’t wait to finally spend time with my friends and family again and I’m really looking forward to rescheduling my road trip to Arizona with my sister and her kids, who now live in the U.S.A.

Deb Sfez

The sofa where I love spending time to read. The photo has been taken by my dear friend Madeline Druce, on her last trip to the USA. I love her work, and I always think of her when I look at this photo. 

Deb Sfez

9 years of this, merci mon amour. (Photo taken by Madeline Druce) 

Deb Sfez

Our living room, with a few treasures and good books on the shelves. 

Deb Sfez

This is where we spent all our evenings during the lockdown, and all I can tell is that this sofa isn’t as comfy as I thought! 

Deb Sfez

If you want to see more of Debs work: @debsfez & Neighboorhood.

Published May 20, 2020