Amanda Booth


Amanda Booth

TWWP checked in with actress, model and Down Syndrome awareness activist Amanda Booth–and had a talk about life in corona times. Plus! Her best organic beauty products and skincare routine. Thanks Amanda  <3    

Hi Amanda! How are you? How do you and your family spend your days during these strange times?
– It took us a while to try and get into a new routine, with Micah suddenly being out of school, no therapy, and Mike working from home. We really do live for the weekends and are embracing being outdoors as much as possible! I’m thankful we have a jacuzzi because Micah spends most of the day in there swimming around.

We met three years ago in LA, and Micah is turning 6 now, how is he doing?

–  There’s something about 6 that seems so so much bigger than 5! Micah seems to be loving all of his time off, and he’s really connecting and growing so much, it’s been beautiful to see!

The future can seem so uncertain, have you found a way to cope with the times?

– Ever since Micah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome I decided look too past today wasn’t a good way to live. I carry that with me now, and try to not think so far ahead. Day by day makes you more present and I think that’s what’s the most important right now. Just being present with our loved ones.

What thoughts loop most in your head at the moment?

– I just carry a lot of sadness for people who have lost their jobs or are struggling right now with mental health. For our kiddos missing their therapists. For those who lost their lives to this virus… I just try to do as Dr. Emily King reminds me to do and be sure to be present and make sure I keep Micah laughing through the day.

"I just carry a lot of sadness for people who have lost their jobs or are struggling right now with mental health. For our kiddos missing their therapists."

Amanda Booth

Amanda with her son Micah and husband Mike Runt. Instagram: amanda_booth

You are in to organic beauty, do you want to share your best tips and favorite products?

– I’m lucky to have worked with wonderful makeup artists who introduced me to such lovely brands. It’s a sure way to immediately know if something works or not. I feel that so many organic and natural products aren’t as “good” as their counterparts, and that’s what takes people a little longer to get on board. SO… my go to’s, tried and trues are:

Amanda Booth

Tata Harper! I live by their oil cleanser and facial mist.

Amanda Booth

Osea serum before moisturizing.

Amanda Booth

Weleda skin food. I use this on Micahs skin (he has eczema and gets red and dry easily, especially in winter) I also use it as a highlighter around my eyes.

Amanda Booth

Kosas is a really good clean make up line that I recently discovered! I love their tinted oil and lipsticks the most.

"I think the best make up starts with good skincare. The more dewy and fresh to me, the better. So I tend to do light skin coverage and use the shiniest brightest make ups. It’s important to let the skin breathe and that way it doesn’t look like you’re ever wearing too much!"

Tell us about your beauty routine!
– I am a major less is more girl so I try to keep it simple. I have been cleansing my skin with oil and moisturizing with oil for a few years now. I only wash once a day, at night, and then just moisturize in the morning. I love brows so I dye my eyebrows once a month and that also cuts time in a day to day make up routine. I just got LOOPS under eyes masks and they’re changing the game too. Like I said, the brighter more dewy the skin the better! They’re also biodegradable masks, so that’s another reason to love them.

 Thank you, one last thing; is there something you want to recommend?
– I recommend taking more slow breaths throughout the day. Stopping when you feel the sun on your skin to take in the warmth. Close your eyes when you hear the birds singing and imagine what they’re saying. Look your children in the eyes and tell them you love them, every day. Hold space for yourself and your worries…just do your best. More coffee. More moisturizer. 🙂

Amanda Booth
Published July 1, 2020