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Did my first podcast today! | November 29, 2016 | The Way We Play

Did my first podcast today!

6 years ago

So much fun to do a podcast interview today!! I was asked last week by Katerina Cronstedt that runs the podcast Sisterhood with her sister Daria – and today we did the pod. I was happy to do something for such a lovely pod as Sisterhood, and it was their first episode of “Sisterhood talks”. It was quite exciting to come completely unprepared and then get so many interesting questions. I am used to answering questions from journalists via email but responding straight away live was super fun as well as challenging. We talked about motherhood, career, feminism and a bit about my story and experiences. I loved the high quality of their questions and depth- it really made me open up in a relaxed way and reflect about my life. Thank you!

Will be interesting to hear the result in a couple of days! Scary to hear ones own voice ha ha.



Ebba Bucht Lugani

Ebba Bucht Lugani

Swedish mompreneur living in Stockholm with our two little children and my Italian/Mexican husband.

Tennis player turned model, turned investment banker, turned CEO of the fashion brand House of Dagmar, turned CEO & Creative Director of the organic beauty brand Björk &

Berries. Now independent business advisor, doing strategic advisory to up and coming fashion and lifestyles brands as their brand mentor

With a passion for fashion, beauty, feminism, health, building brands, travelling and more!