Ida sjöstedt’s amazing strong and playful “heal the world” collection

5 years ago

Outside the Fashion week mecca – Berns Hotel before getting in line for the show.

I listed to Ida Sjöstedt’s summer talk on the Swedish radio, and after that I feel that I understand her collections even better. I have always liked her as a person but did not know the sources of her creativity.



The show was in the big saloon in Berns Hotel, which is the most classic show place and my absolute favourite. Today and for this show in particular there was so much people and real fashion show buzz in the air- finally!


A fun front row to watch on the other side.

This collection is a about healing the world though art, playfulness, culture and expression. It shows Ida’s strong and feministic Barbies in a great range; club life, crystal healing, love festivals, guardian angels and rainbow butterflies. My favourite part was the first half of the show with the most playful and more casual wear. Really enjoyed everything about the show in general, the hair & make-up, the choice of models, the music, the styling and the collection itself. The lipstick print is to die for!


IMG_5179 IMG_5181 IMG_5185 IMG_5186

Out of the finale these two were my favourites-  I loved these two “wedding” dresses!



I sat next to my friend Nina Philipson (who runs Iconic Stockholm) at the show, always more fun to sit with a friend.


Had a glass of wine afterwards with my friend Maria Virgin (that styled the amazing Vintage Fashion show), super cozy to sit down and relax a bit before going home.

Today I am home with a cold so no more fashion week for me, but I am quite content already:) Have to watch it at – where you can find all shows.



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I was wearing a shirt by Mayla, Leather jacket by Zara, jeans from MIH, bag by Chanel.

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