Bonjour bonjour…

8 months ago

Bonjour Bonjour…

Intonations of Life: Notes If I were… I would be…, Bed sheets in the sun, Being “une maman”, Wearing tomatoes , Atelier details.

I have thought a long long loooong time on how I would write this first post?

How should I present myself and give you right away a little piece of my intimacy, something extra that would luckily trigger your curiosity.

Several Journeys around the sun behind me, weathered by storms, but unconditionally looking at life with the eyes of a child. You will learn most likely to know me along these posts but  for now…


A sound – An heartbeat

A season – Eternal summer

An element – Water

A thing – A white shirt

A landscape – A lost beach

A fruit – A tomato

A colour – A painter palette

A book – The Ice People by Barjavel

A Plant – An old tree

A feeling – Desire

An animal – Cicadas in the garden of my childhood house

Food – Parmesan

A way of Life – Surfer

A place – Puerto Escondido in 1997

A Song – Le Sud by Nino Ferrer

A texture – Rice paper

A future adventure – Japan

A source of inspiration – The imperfect

A word – Life

But I am above All,  A Mother



Bonjour Bonjour…

My Grandfather shirt, Me in our family summer house in the south of France, Print research for Wall of Art.

Bonjour Bonjour…

Shimmery waters, Hille Norway, Excerpt of Babaà Familia series in Puglia, Moment volé.

Bonjour Bonjour…

Outdoor shower, An old tree, Autumn rituals, The look of a dream, Good morning, Maison Proust doodle.

Bonjour Bonjour…

Laundry day, Notes: Mother, Adèle showing me her nails Mallorca, October 2022.

Bonjour Bonjour…


Bonjour Bonjour…

Burning suns’ portrait in my journal, Atelier wall.

Bonjour Bonjour…


Stealing Life on film and drawing It, is my language. While others write their diaries, I draw my journal instead since 1997.

I am a French-born creative adventurer based in Oslo where I ended up because of love. While working in fashion for over 20 years, first in Paris, in my early years at Jalouse and training in Christian Lacroix atelier, then designing for a Norwegian company, I have dedicated my sensitivity to the visual  language; drawing, annoting, photographing, collaging, mixing, drawing, manipulating…. All means to achieve a sense of elegance.

Devoted to Paper and the hand touched, I collect the multiple intonations of Life. You will find here a piece of my journal echoing to my extraOrdinary, you will travel along into uncharted territories following the paths of creativity and hopefully stay close to me 🙂

TWWP and I, have inspired each other for some years now and I am SO grateful to have this place in their community! 






Bonjour Bonjour…

If you wish to see a bit more of me hahah :), you can read the Small Talk published a year ago by TWWP here.

And the series Time Passing in the magazine no.07 

À bientôt 

bisous x


Amanda Malm · 8 months ago
So fun that you are here to now, welcome :)

Bea Hellman · 8 months ago

Agathe Berjaut

Agathe Berjaut

French born image maker and creative based in Oslo.
While working in Fashion for over 20 years, I have dedicated my sensitivity to the visual language, keeping a journal since 1997; painting, photographing, collaging, annoting, manipulating, drawing…. All means to explore beauty, creativity and challenge my language.
I have the chance today to create poetic stories echoing to the extraOrdinary in life, across different fields.

Instagram @agathe_berjaut