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Birgitta ohlsson, what a hero!

6 months ago

In the light of recent political events it was such a blessing to see my hero and friend Birgitta Ohlsson receive the Officer knighthood by the Legion of Honour – for her amazing work for human rights, equality, democracy and so much more in Europe! It made me cry, what a woman, what a fighter! The French ambassador gave a fantastic speech about all the accomplishments Birgitta has done for Europe and if I get my hands on it I would love to write about the full motivation and speech.

I have known Birgitta for ten years and she never seize to amaze me. So much passion, belief and curouge, where does she get it all from?! Also as a mother she has continued with the same force, her daughters will be so proud of her when they are older. Last night made me more hopeful about the world and about equality. It is a major struggle but with angels like Birgitta taking the lead we can do so much together.

Lots of love to all you women out there!



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