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New beauty project coming up

1 year ago

I had an idea of a beauty project for the blog and I could not think of any better person to work with than my friend Jonas Wramell.

Jonas is a famous make-up artist as well as creator and distributor of beauty products. I have known Jonas since we were 20 and partied like crazy together in London and Stockholm. We are very dear friends and have a fantastic friendship that has of course gone up and down during the years and right now we see each other a lot.

I don’t think there is anyone in Sweden that knows make up as well as Jonas does. I feel like I am back in my modelling days in Paris when he is working with me. I never feel as beautiful as when he has done my make up.


Photo: Maja Hellspong

This is when Jonas did the make up on my for a campaign for the jewellery brand Evil Eve about 10 years ago


Photo: Magnus Ragnvid

This is for Björk&Berries when I was working as CEO and Creative Director. Jonas was also part of my advisory board when I developed all the new image and products of the brand.

I am so so excited that Jonas and I have decided to do a fun project for the blog together, stay tuned for more info!

This is one of the drivers of my choice to be an entrepreneur. I want to work only on fun projects with as many of my friends as I can.

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