Pontus Djanaieff is an interior designer and You Tuber. He Recently moved to an apartment at Östermalm in Stockholm with his family. Wife is Camilla and children Stella, Sonja, Sigge and Leon. Thank you Pontus for the lovely visit!

Photo: Linda Alfvegren/Agent Bauer




When are you truly happy?

– It’s such a cliché, but having my family gathered around a big dinner table. Both Camilla and I like to cook. Our dinners last for a looong time and often include ice cream and chocolate for dessert. I’m always happy when I’m with my family. I feel a huge need to be with my children. I long to pick them up at school every day and I find it difficult when spending too much time apart from them. I’ve adjusted my hours to fit our family situation and let time with the children come before anything else.

Tell us about your work.

– I work mainly with interior design. I love it when I’m able to pull off that extra something! It’s like finding the final piece of a huge puzzle. The worst part must be the budget nonsense.




What project are you working on at the moment?

– I’m decorating an office at Kungsgatan together with Edin from Dusty Deco, working with him is truly a pleasure. I’m also doing new Fomo-TV shows on Youtube. Fomo-TV is a project initiated by Jonas Kleerup and me a couple of years ago. We wanted to create some sort of TV party to be streamed straight from the club, allowing you to stay at home while still joining the party (hence the name: Fear Of Missing Out). We’ve done Bernies, Carousel and Brillo, as well as the music festivals Music and Art and Way Out West. It’s like Z-TV all over again, great fun. I love showing weird music videos, obscure clips and amusing guests with beautifully messy contexts.

Best advice you’ve been given as a father?

– It won’t turn out the way you planned.

What’s the hardest part of being a father?

– It won’t turn out the way you planned.




What are you afraid of?

– Apart from something happening to the children… Not growing, not continuing to learn, quitting.

If you got to meet your 16-year-old self, what would you say?

– Nothing, wouldn’t have listened anyways.

Your best memory from work?

– There are so many (I have fun at work), but one of the closing parties from the days when we were making music videos. We were lika a cult, working intensively with Jonas Åkerlund for a few years. We were very wild and flew all over the world, we felt like a rockband on tour and we lived like that.




What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

– Exercising (running) and hanging out with the family. We eat lunch at Riche or Brillo and go to a museum, my favorite being Etnografiska. I love the old African masks and sculptures. If we have friends over for dinner, we’ll spend the whole afternoon shopping and cooking. Always lots of food and noisy, but in a civilized manner. During the summer we go to the countryside every weekend, still with the same focus though – running and cooking. And meditating on the jetty.

Favorite place?

– Somewhere warm, in the shade. The cold stresses me out. I also love the jungle, imagine sitting on a porch just listening to tropical rain. I also enjoy the Wolseley, a London restaurant I never want to leave. Chez George in Paris is another favorite, always with my wife.




Who were you in school?

– Not the class clown, but the class original. You know, the kind who showed up to the math test dressed in grandpa’s old tail coat and high hat. I figured that if you dressed and acted like a Nobel Prize winner, you were one! That’s actually pretty much how I work, I get into the role of the client (sort of like “method acting”).

What inspires you?

– Everything, really. I manage to find what’s beautiful, even in the ugly. I like things that are a bit odd, taking objects and placing them in new surroundings. Hanging a missile in a restaurant. C’est moi!





How do you turn a tough day around?

– Meditation. Meditation. Meditation. I’ve been doing it for the last couple of years and I must say I find it fantastic.

What values would you like your children to have in life?

– They’ve already got great values, sometimes better than mine. Our children are extremely considerate, so I’m learning from them right now.

What will you be doing in five years’ time?

– Don’t know. Anyways, it never turns out the way you planned. ☮