Malin Crépin is an actress. She lives with her husband Markus, kids Carla, 7, Frances, 4, and the dog Acke in an apartment Södermalm in Stockholm. Thank you Malin for the visit! 

Photo: Linda Alfvegren/Agent Bauer


Best advice you’ve been given as a mother?

– Before I had children, my mother warned me it would imply a crisis. That it’s both fantastic and overwhelming. It was nice to have been told about that as the tears started coming, three days after the delivery. When all my feelings came simultaneously. My children are usually the ones gi- ving me the best advice. They’ve taught me when they need to be fed, what they want to play and what routines work for us. I’d rather listen to them than other parents, because all children are so different. So are my girls, they both have their own needs and everything changes all the time.

What’s the hardest part of being a mother?

– Being enough. Being there in every way. Not transferring my own state of mind onto them.




What’s the best/hardest part about your work?

– As with most things in life, the best parts can also be the ones you find most difficult. I love freelancing and being able to be absorbed by a project because I know it will end after a while, but finding balance is difficult. Either I work too much or too little…

What do you like most, theatre or film?

– I love the drive in filmmaking. The fact that you’ve got to be alert, and that you get to work with nuances. You can repeat a scene until it’s good enough and then move on. When doing plays, I love being in control of the dramatic arc. Sharpening my instruments because I have to do it all over again each evening. You’re telling a story from start to finish. In filmmaking, the director has the last say, but I love it!



What are you working on at the moment?

– I’ve just finished an intense year of working. I started with an American horror movie in Malaysia, then I went to Glasgow to rehearse my part as Queen Margaret in ”The James Play” which I then toured with around the world. We went to Australia, New Zeeland, U.K., Toronto.

I don’t think I was home for more than three weeks in a row, spending more hours flying than performing, but I had a fantastic time. I also managed to film the Swedish feature film, “Sameblod”, and send my own movie script to SFI, so now I’m actually just resting a little. Breathing. Reading. But soon I’ll start writing again and I can’t wait to get my teeth into something new.

How do you balance family and career?

– I think balance can be found in the lack of balance. When I’m home with my family I’m really there, but when I’m away working it can take up too much of my time. I wish I could say like Leif GW, that my kids are better off when I’m not there, but I don’t believe that at all. Having a freelancing mother is hard on the children, but I hope I’m also showing them the world. They travel with me nearly all the time and I’m hoping that it will inspire them to pursue their own interests. That they will become strong, independent and inspiring. What more can I wish for?



What inspires you?

– Different faiths, people’s life stories that I want to tell. And colors, shapes and travels. California. Abandoned houses. Stations. Movement. Things like rain on a metal roof can get me going. But regardless, the best thing is too keep plugging. Inspiration is so passing, just one breath and it could be gone. I keep moving and working in a disciplined manner, it prevents me from falling too hard during those moments in between.

When are you truly happy?

– When life just flows on. When I find balance. When the children are sleeping, happy and content, and I feel happy about my work.




What are you afraid of?

– The greatest fear is almost unthinkable; that something will happen to my children. Other than that I’m afraid of misunderstandings and vicious people. My skin’s too thin for that kind of thing. I should toughen up.

Who were you in school?

– I was the girl who walked through the barn dressed in overalls to get to my pony. A good girl, and a little geeky. I was a dreamer. I guess I wanted to find something else, but still I felt comfortable where I was.

Dream character to play?

– Wow… There are so many parts I’d like to play. I hate the expression “strong women” since it suggests that weakness is the female norm, but I do love when characters get to claim their space. So, a really juicy part in a heartwrenching and tragicomic drama.




Favorite place?

– My favorite place is where my family is. Venice Fishing Pier in Los Angeles or Lake Geneva. Or the woods of Sörmland. Scotland.

What’s the greatest thing your children have taught you?

– That life never gets better than this very moment. Not to chase after things all the time.



How do you turn a rough/tough day around?

– I’ve learned it’s best to just let some days be tough. Fighting it doesn’t always help, just let the shit pass through you. Most of the time I’ve gained enough strength to deal with stuff again the next day, or the day after that. But any day, good or bad, will be better with lit candles, fresh flowers and great food.

What are you doing in five years’ time?

– In five years I hope I’m happier, prettier and stronger than ever, with the best script I’ve ever read in my hands. ☮